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Chapter One

Defamation Of God

As previously stated, my aim is to defend Our Father against defamation of His character and morality by challenging every falsehood and unjust accusation wherever those insults may appear, even if certain cherished beliefs are inadvertently trampled upon.

In total honesty I must confess that I know nothing about God. No one truly does, not even the Clergy. And what's more, they know that they don't know. I'm not saying they don't believe but belief is not knowledge. While I may not know about God, I do know what the meaning of God stands for. God is kind, wise, patient, loving, just, merciful, and compassionate. To me, that description exemplifies the true meaning of God.

Scurrilous affronts to the Almighty's character and integrity appear in a book that is supposed to venerate Our Creator. The following Files reveal some of the countess libelous examples that are found in the Bible.

Abraham And Isaac

One of the greatest Patriarchs of Scripture is Abraham with whom God makes the first sacred covenant. Jehovah is portrayed as a very insecure Personality in this sequence of Genesis. Although Abraham has always proven his loyalty to the Lord, God decides to put him through a cruel and heartless test. Abraham's beloved son Isaac is the pawn in this drama that pits a father's love for God against that of his only child. Though Abraham has done everything the Lord asked of him, even circumcised himself on Jehovah's command, Jehovah still seems uncertain of his loyalty. He orders Abraham to bring Isaac to a sacred sacrificial altar and murder him. Agonizing over the deed he must perform, Abraham brings Isaac to the appointed spot and prepares to slay him before God. The child is petrified as his father raises the dagger overhead. Just as he is about to plunge the blade into the lad, God stops the test by revealing that He only wanted to know how much Abraham loved him. Who chooses to believe that the Lord is so insecure that He must torment his most devoted servant in such a heartless manner? Does this behavior sound like the Creator of the Universe or that of an immature schoolboy? Ask yourself if this story doesn't defame the image of God?

David and Bathsheba

King David (whose symbol is the Jewish Star) watches Bathsheba sun bathing on her roof and has her brought to his palace where they carry on an adulterous affair. Upon learning that he has made her pregnant, he conspires to have her husband return from the war to sleep with his wife. Uriah is too devoted to His King and chooses instead to return to the front lines. David orders his Generals to place him into the thick of battle and has Uriah slain. Now David can have Bathsheba all to himself and Jehovah is furious with him for what he's done. We wait for Divine Retribution and here is how it comes. When the child is born, God punishes them by killing their baby plus seventy thousand of David's innocent subjects. The two adulterers receive no chastisement and Uriah's murder goes unpunished. Does anyone believe that God would mete out this kind of justice for such a diabolically premeditated crime? Does it make the deed okay because it appears in the Bible? Consider this for a moment; no one knows who wrote this tale during antiquity yet many believe it. One murder is quite enough but the writer turns God into a mass murderer who kills the baby and thousands of David's people that had nothing to do with Uriah's death or with the adultery. Shall we just accept the word of these unknown authors or give God the benefit of the doubt?


Uzzah is a pious slave who is very solicitous of God's laws. Among those is the injunction that the Ark is most holy and must never be touched. One day, as Uzzah is following the procession, the Ark starts to topple. Instinctively, Uzzah grabs it to stop it from falling and God immediately sends forth a "holy fire" and immolates the poor slave. Would the Lord kill a man for trying to save a holy object? Is the Creator of the universe no more rational than that? Let the punishment fit the crime but Uzzah was merely trying to save the Ark. If you had a neighbor with such a short fuse who murdered someone for a reason like that, what would you do? I'd call the authorities or move. Better yet, I'd just deny that God ever did such a thing.

Let’s Give God Credit For Wisdom

There’s a scene in Genesis that doesn’t give The Almighty much credit for brains. He praises Abel for being a shepherd and has no respect for Cain being a farmer. What sense does that make? Surely God understands sibling rivalry. Well, the remark hurts Cain so deeply that he murders his brother in a jealous fit of rage. Then the boy fears that someone will try to slay him for his crime so God puts a mark upon Cain to protect him and swears vengeance on anyone that tries to kill the lad. Seriously, would God make such a statement when only three people exist in the world? Would Adam and Eve try to kill their only son? The writer sure let that one get away from him because who’s left to slay Cain? Would the Lord even take part in such an inane conversation in the first place? Is this not an insult to Our Father’s intelligence? Many believe that Moses was the author of this story but how could he know all these details since he wasn’t born until later in the next book? As the story continues Cain is driven out of Eden by Jehovah and goes to live in the “Land of Nod” where he meets a nice girl and starts a family. Where did these other people come from??

Let’s Re-examine This One

In Sodom and Gomorra, the Bible tells us, God can only find one righteous person living in two large cities so he chooses a man named Lot. God is so furious that Lot is the only one without Sin that He goes on a rampage and sets both cities ablaze and all the men, women and children burn to death. Does that sound like something God would do and is Lot really worth saving? Since God believes he is it must be so, right? Well, God turns Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt for looking back at the fire so in order to continue the family name, Lot’s daughters get pop drunk and both get pregnant by him and that must be okay with God since He believes that these people are the only righteous ones in both cities. I hope it’s becoming clear why I defend the meaning of God against the vilification of His intelligence and morality. Do you think the Bible treats God with respect? The faithful will undoubtedly be angry with me for showing that the Bible defames the Almighty but I hope they will remember that I am defending Him. I feel no resentment towards anyone that chooses to believe these stories because their parents probably also did; I just fail to understand how that makes them virtuous and righteous people.

Moses and the Exodus

After wandering in the desert for forty torturous years Moses guides his tribe towards the land of milk and honey. God Himself leads the way taking the form of a cloud pillar by day and a huge fire at night. Canaan lies before them and as they prepare to enter, the Almighty tells Moses that he alone will not see the Promised Land. Moses may watch his people go in but he must stay behind because he failed to sanctify the Lord’s name to his tribe forty years earlier. Are we to believe that God would be so cruel to his most devoted servant? Can anyone accept that the Lord held a grudge for forty years because Moses failed to sanctify His name before an exhausted band of wandering Jews? Does the Bible endow Our Creator with admirable qualities befitting God?


I’m sure we all know that Joshua fought the battle at Jericho, his trumpeter blew three blasts on the trumpet and the walls came tumbling down. The bible tells us that God joined the fight and hurled huge rocks down from Heaven killing more of Joshua’s enemies with those rocks than Joshua’s entire army combined. Is scripture telling us we are not all God’s children?

Adam and Eve

The Bible states that because the first two humans disobeyed God, He brought death into the world. Five million year old fossils clearly show that creatures have always died and always will. Death is a natural appointment -- merely nature acting without intent. God never created death as a punishment or caused women to bring forth their babies in pain as scripture claims. Every creature experiences discomfort during birth and the good Lord is not that heartless. The Old Testament maligns the meaning of God and deprives us of a loving image. There is no doubt in my mind that Scripture defames the essence of God.

The Deuteronomy Horror

In the fifth and final book of Moses called Deuteronomy, God becomes so angry at man for being disobedient to Him that He let’s go a barrage of the vilest curses imaginable. If you read Chapter 28 in its entirety, your senses are sure to be shocked. All the plagues and failed harvests that He wishes for man, that will bring starvation and disease are bad enough, but in verse 53 Jehovah says, quote: “You shall eat the fruit of thine own body, the flesh of thy sons and daughters”. And in verse 57, “The young one that cometh from between her feet-and toward her children which she shall bear, she will eat them—that thou mayest fear this glorious and fearful name, THE LORD THY GOD.” Unquote! This is blasphemy! The one book that was designed to honor and protect God destroys the most cherished symbol of mankind. A tyrannical, power mad, dictator may feel such vindictive emotions but surely not a wise and loving God. Is it now clearer why I deny that any deity would be so unworthy of the homage that man pays? The righteous people generally become enraged at the slightest affront to their Lord and yet they venerate a book that claims He utters the words I’ve just quoted. It certainly is their right to believe these stories but are they defending God or has blind fear robbed them of their reason?

PS. since we’re still on Deuteronomy let me add one thought. It is widely held that Moses wrote Deuteronomy, yet the chapter ends with Moses being buried somewhere in the mountains. The significant phrase is this: “‘nobody knows where his sepulcher is unto this day”. How could a dead man write that sentence?

If that were not enough of an insult to our intelligence, the Bible also contains “God given laws” on how to treat slaves. These laws are attributed to the Lord, who Scripture claims gave them to man. What is so ironic is that most of these “laws” deal with Hebrew slaves. So the great biblical miracle of parting the Red Sea let the Jews escape bondage in Egypt only to be sold as slaves in their own land. These laws “given by God” (says the Bible) are cruel and heartless and continue to defame our Father. God never created any of these inhuman “laws”. They were obviously written by slave owners for their own greedy agendas.


Nothing you’ve ever read compares with the meticulous instructions for the treatment of slaves as those found in the “good book”. If you think the South was rough on those oppressed people before the Civil War, wait till you read the laws that existed in biblical times. The height of irony is that most of these laws applied to Hebrew slaves. Here are some “God given” laws pertaining to slaves and slave ownership that appear in “Holy Writ”. The following passages are quoted verbatim:

1. If a man buys a manservant, he owns him for seven years. The slave must work in any capacity that his owner dictates. After six years of labor he will go out free. In the event his owner gives him a wife and they have children, he gets freedom but his wife and children remain property of the owner.

2. If a man buys a manservant and a maidservant and they have a family during their debenture, they go out free but their family remains the master’s property. If, after six years of servitude, the slave comes to his master and says, “I love my master, my wife and my children and I want to stay with them and I give up my freedom”, he then he belongs to the master for the rest of his life. Then he must be marked to show all that he is his owner’s property. The marking is accomplished in the following manner. The law instructs the master to take his slave to the door and fasten him to the doorpost with an awl through his ear and the slave is now his forever.

3. If a man sells his daughter as a maidservant, she shall not be freed as other slaves are. If the new master takes her for his wife and she fails to please him in bed, he may take her to a strange land and sell her there. But he will have no further say over her because he has dealt with her deceitfully.

4. If a man smite his servant or his maid with a rod and they die, he will surely be punished. But if either of them continues to live for a day or two, he will not be punished for they are his money.

Note: Now, here are a few laws that applied to everyone, not merely to slaves. The Bible writers claim that Jehovah Himself calls these laws “Judgments”.


1. If a man hurts a woman so that she miscarriages, he earns her husband’s wrath and pays whatever price the judges decide.

2. He that smiteth his father or his mother shall surely be put to death.

3. He who steals a man and sells him will surely be put to death.
Note: If he kidnaps someone and doesn’t sell him (?)

4. If two men work together and one strikes the other with a stone or his fist, he shall not be put to death but “keepeth his bed. (?)

5. If a master strikes his slave’s eye and he or she dies, let him go free for his eye’s sake.

6. If a thief steals his neighbor’s property and no one sees him do it, then he must take the oath of the Lord and receive no punishment.
Note: Suppose he’s lying?

7. If a man entices a maid to sleep with him, he must marry her. If he refuses, he must pay the going price of a virgin’s dowry.

8. Do not allow a witch to live.
Note: God believes in witches? Scripture claims that God created these laws. Can we blame the pious people of Salem?

According to the Bible, all of God’s laws come to us from one man named Moses Levi. Moses was over one hundred years old while he trekked through the desert for forty years leading a tribe of Hebrews known as the Levites. Scripture tells us that he was on Mount Sinai forty days and nights without food or water as God wrote the Ten Commandments and when he came down he wasn’t too weak to smash them in a fit of rage. Those that believe this must accept that the leader of a wandering band of Jews chatted “face to face” with the Almighty on a great number of occasions. The Pope who leads millions of Catholics never made such a claim. The Bible further states that the Ten Commandments, and other “laws” that are scrupulously observed by both Jews and Gentiles alike, were handed over personally by God to one man just to teach his tribe. Believers without question have accepted this story for four thousand years.


While the Clergy is highly respected in most societies, many people have no idea that Moses was responsible for its existence. During antiquity Moses had to act as judge and jury in solving problems for his tribes. Seeing him so overworked, his father-in-law Jethro, suggested that he empower other tribal priests to act as judges and relieve him of some of the load. Voila! That’s how the Clergy was born. As the realization sets in that it was Moses alone who gave us all of God’s laws, we may begin to see “men of the cloth” in a different light. Clergymen enjoy a unique position in many societies and they will be with us so long as we continue to believe a one hundred and twenty seven year old man named Moses Levi. By modern standards Moses might be regarded differently. He killed three thousand of his own tribe in one afternoon for worshipping the Golden Calf. Of course he said that God ordered him to do it.


The “Pentateuch” comprises the five books of Moses, which is the first section of our Bible. In Genesis we learn of the great flood that destroyed everything on Earth. After creating the universe in seven days, God was dissatisfied with the outcome. The Bible says He felt that humans were inherently evil and the land corrupt. Displeased with mankind, as well as the animals, He claimed that “all flesh” was evil. He grieved with remorse and said he was sorry he had created man and threatened to destroy every living thing on earth. He ordered Noah, who was then six hundred years old, to build an ark that would hold two of each creature He had made. Then God unleashed the worst flood in history and drowned every man, woman and child--and the animals as well. The words used by the biblical authors in describing God’s anger are chilling and make the Lord seem monstrous. “I will destroy all life that is in the land”. All in whose nostrils is the air of life, etc.“. The words are terrifying, especially when the Bible tells us that God said them.

Note: Since no Bible writers were around during that flood and no one alive today was there either, let’s give God the benefit of the doubt and use common sense. Isn’t any evidence required of the authors who write these tales?

Elephants must have come from Africa, tigers from India, Kangaroos from Australia and Pandas from China but apparently they made the journey or they wouldn’t be here today. One hundred and twenty-five thousand different animals exist on earth and both the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth Ocean liners couldn’t hold them but Noah’s little craft carried two of each safely through the deluge.

Note: At this point you may be tempted to become cynical but before doing so, please remember that our ancestors were not in possession of the knowledge that we have today.

Early Beliefs

I’m sure the biblical authors weren’t intentionally dishonest since they reported what they believed was true-but they weren’t very enlightened either. When they claimed it took God seven days to create the earth we can overlook their lack of knowledge. When they stated “He made the sun on the third day”, they had no idea that the world couldn’t exist without it. When they casually mentioned, “He also made the stars” they didn’t know that the sun was a star. They were also convinced that the sun revolved around the earth, a theory that would have to wait for Copernicus to disprove. Neither is it hard to understand that they thought the earth was flat because centuries later, Columbus’s crew thought the same thing. Bishop Usher calculated that from Adam and Eve’s arrival the world was six thousand years old. How could the good Bishop even dream that Earth came into being almost five billion years ago? When biblical writers reported that Methuselah’s lifespan was nine hundred years and that a man lived for months in the belly of a whale, it was understandable for them to make such mistakes because Science hadn’t yet arrived. Were it not for the scientific method, we too, might still believe such “facts”. So, should we also blindly believe the things they wrote about God.

The Garden of Eden episode begins on a very tender note. All the animals are friendly; the lion lies down with the lamb and everything is so loving, until God planted the “The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” in the midst of the garden. When the two newly created humans ate some fruit, God became enraged and put a curse upon their heads. He vowed that henceforth man would toil by the sweat of his brow and woman would bring forth her young in pain. The authors of the bible added that because of this infraction, death entered the world. We have all heard that Adam and Eve caused “Original Sin” and yet from these first two humans came all the people in the world. Seems like incest and interbreeding are not as evil as eating fruit. Those who believe that Adam and Eve sired the entire world’s population usually shrug and say, “Well, how else could they do it in those days”?

We come from monkeys
We come from incest


The tale about the Tower of Babel tries to explain how the many languages of the world came into being. It seems that men built a tower clear up to Heaven, which God saw as a serious threat to His domain. In order to prevent the workers from reaching Him, the Lord confounded man’s speech so the builders couldn’t understand each other and that brought the whole project to a halt.


In the book of Moses called Exodus, Moses pleads with the Egyptian Pharaoh to “Let my people go” but before the King can respond God “Hardens his heart”. Each time the Pharaoh seems to show compliance to release the Hebrews, God re-hardens his heart. God is so angry at Pharaoh for having a hard heart that He sends plagues of frogs, flies, lice and hail storms that destroy all trees and plants and swarms of locusts that devour what remains, starving thousands of innocent citizens. While all this is going on everything is calm in Goshen where the Hebrew live. God sends Moses to tell the Hebrews to slaughter a lamb and smear it’s blood on the doors so He can recognize their homes from those of the Egyptians’ when He will ‘pass-over’ the houses that night. Then He murders the first born of every Egyptian family, turns the Nile and all the water in Egypt to blood and kills their animals but all is well in Goshen where the Hebrew live. Finally, the Pharaoh releases the Hebrews and as they leave God tells them to borrow gold, silver, jewels and raiment from their Egyptian neighbors and “despoil them”. Are we to believe that the Lord said “Thou Shalt Steal?”

At last they are out of Egypt and wandering aimlessly in the desert and God re-hardens the Pharaoh’s heart to make him give chase. Why would God act like a traitor and try to foil their escape? Did the writers want to set the stage for the great miracle of parting the Red Sea? They wrote that God let the Hebrews walk across the sea floor, then closed the waters on the pursuers and sent the Egyptians to their deaths-“to get honor upon them so they will know I am the Lord”. Why is that so important to Him; doesn’t He know that He’s the Lord? Does He have to go to such extremes just to be secure and feel certain that He’s God? The answer is clear. During antiquity people believed in many gods and the authors of these stories were merely reflecting their own beliefs.

Does anyone besides me see that this whole scenario is libeling the image of our Creator? Is this not the most blatant defamation of God’s character and morality? Do the scripture writers present the Lord as a role model that will inspire man to emulate?

Two Versions of Creation?

Scripture not only maligns God it also bears a good deal of responsibility for the difficulty that women have encountered in trying to achieve equality with the males. This becomes apparent the moment we begin to read the Old Testament. The book of Genesis reports the arrival of the first two humans beings. After creating the universe, God creates Adam and Eve simultaneously and gives them equal dominion over the earth. So far it looks like Creation is off to a great start. But then it quickly becomes apparent that different writer has taken over because this author tells the story of Creation all over again.

That’s peculiar enough but whoever is writing the text now has a very different slant on things. The first version of Creation seemed eminently fair to both sexes but now things begin to change. This time Adam is created first and Eve is treated as an afterthought. She’s not even created the same way that he was; this time Eve is fashioned from one of Adam’s ribs. This seems to make her a part of man and not a separate entity in her own right. Jehovah even remarks, “I shall call her wo-man because she was “taken out of man”. He announces that henceforth, her duty shall be to her husband. If it weren’t for that second writer, women might have been spared a lot of grief. We all know the rest of the story, Adam blames Eve for making him eat the “apple” (which many scholars claim is symbolic for fornication) and now all of mankind will have to suffer on her account. And so, Eve becomes the scapegoat for “Original Sin” because her husband was too chicken to accept some of the responsibility. Because of this infraction, Jesus will now have to be sacrificed in order to forgive mankind for Eve’s “Sin”. Shall we call God a chauvinist or is it more likely that the Bible writers were anti-female? Besides if God had anything to do with writing the Bible why would there be two different versions of Creation?

Note: Another example of gender discrimination occurs as rules are spelled out about what is “clean” and “unclean” by biblical standards.

When a woman gives birth, she is “unclean” and must leave the village and live on the outskirts until once again she becomes “clean”. If the child is a male, she must remain away for one week. If the child is a female, she must stay outside the village for two weeks. Of course the writers claim that God ordered this discrimination. I understand that a great taboo existed against blood at the time but is there any difference with either sex following the birth of a child?

The Old Testament treats men with respect while women are frequently referred to as harlots and whores. Patriarchs are lauded but very few females are given admirable status in scriptural narratives. Delilah betrays the beloved Samson by having his eyes put out. Cunning Salome orders the decapitation of John the Baptist. Males that meander receive no Divine punishment. But wives that are declared unfaithful are taken into the village and stoned to death. These are just a few examples of lady Icons that appear in the Bible. In fact, one sparkling “role model” of the Old Testament is Jael, heralded as a heroine and praised for the brutal murder of a tribal enemy. After seducing him she waits until he falls asleep on her lap. Then she drives a metal spike into his temple.

The highly prized females of the Old Testament are always the virgins. Whenever the armies of Moses conquer a city, they kill all the men, women and children and spare only the virgins. Moses tells his army that “God ordered it that way” for the soldiers. As Moses lay dying, at one hundred and twenty seven years of age, his ministers gather the most beautiful virgins in the land to dance around his deathbed in the vain hope that they can revive him. Try as they may, the Bible reports, quote: “Moses could gat no heat” unquote.

Perhaps one of the worst slights to females is barely noticed, occurring in the most revered tenet of religion, “The Ten Commandments”. The tenth commandment reads, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife nor his house, his servants, his ox, his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s”. With one brief sentence the Bible reduces woman to a piece of property. Passages like these have undoubtedly played a role in depriving women of the equality they have always sought and truly deserve. Common sense should tell us that the good Lord had nothing to do with this slight to the ladies!

Common sense is not very common.

Note: I now ask the reader to understand that I am not critical of the Bible in its entirety for there is much that is good to be found within its pages. I am taking issue only with those portions that denigrate the Lord’s character, wisdom and morality.

The Ten Commandments

At the very core of the Judaic-Christian Religion stands The “Ten Commandments”. Almost one third of the world’s population recognizes them as rules of moral behavior. For centuries Kings and Queens, as well as Popes, have abided by their authority. Both Jews and gentiles alike believe that Moses received them from God on Mount Sinai. The Bible claims that God Himself wrote them in stone with His own finger. The Commandments have continued to wield a powerful influence over mankind throughout the course of history. Even Jesus Christ lived by their principles.

An investigation of the Ten Commandments reveals some discrepancies that may not have been explored before. I invite you to come on an interesting journey and if you have access to a Bible, why not follow along to be sure that no liberties are taken with biblical text. Let’s begin with the second book of Moses entitled “Exodus”.

Here we find the Hebrews being led out of Egypt by Moses. In Chapter 20: 1through 17, the voice of the Lord is heard speaking to the children of Israel. The sentence begins, “And God spake these words” etc. Here, Jehovah clearly speaks the Ten Commandments, as they are known to the world. The biblical word spake is significant because Scripture clearly tells us that God spoke the commandments aloud. You’ll recognize them as those that the Clergy has consistently taught.

20 1-17: God’s voice is heard

Chapter 34 verses 1through 28 finds God and Moses on Mount Sinai. Moses has just smashed the first set of tablets that God had given him. Please note: the following quote is verbatim.

“And the Lord said unto Moses, Hew thee two tables of stone like unto the first: and I will write upon these tables the words that were in the first tables which thou brakest”. God then supplies a duplicate set and gives them to Moses but when we read what is written, these are completely different from the commandments that we all know! These are laws that deal with tribal morality, indigenous to the culture of that period. You can find them in Chapter 34 Verse 11 through 28 that begins: “Observe thou that which I command thee this day.” You may read them at your leisure but for now I offer a truncated version below:

Thou shalt make no molten gods.

Thou shalt worship no other God. Thou shalt eat unleavened bread for the month thou camest out of Egypt.

Thou shalt not make covenants with inhabitants of the land lest thou go whoring after their gods.

Six days thou shalt work, but on the seventh day thou shalt rest.

Thou shalt not seethe a kid in its mother’s milk.

Note: The above summary is not a verbatim quote because these verses contain far too many Commandments to list here.

Question: Which set of commandments would you say carries greater authority, the ones that God spake or those that He just gave to Moses? If my analysis is accurate, it would seem to indicate that the commandments which the Clergy has consistently taught for the last four thousand years are the wrong ones!! If you read them carefully you will notice that these Commandments deal exclusively with an antiquated life style. These laws were extremely important to the tribes of Israel but have no relevance to modern life. At the time, a taboo existed prohibiting the making of covenants with strangers (aliens). Although one other Commandment may seem odd, it was considered highly immoral to cook a lamb in its own mother’s milk.

To be certain that no error has been made, see “Deuteronomy” Chapter 10, verse 2. Here God reaffirms that He will write the same words in the duplicate set that were in the original set which Moses broke.

The biblical writers have created a real dilemma. How could such a discrepancy have gone unnoticed for so long? Since God clearly gave Moses two duplicate sets but the Clergy keeps quoting those that God spoke, which ones should we follow? How can we now determine what conduct is morally right and what behavior is morally wrong? The original purpose of God’s laws was to define morality for mankind so how can we return to those sound family values that the Church always talks about, if we don’t know what they are? It was not very long ago that our own government was seriously considering posting the Ten Commandments in every school, classroom and workplace in America. Our leaders believed it would act as a catalyst to improve our moral values but which set would they have posted? The basic question that remains is this; did God create these Commandments or are they a product of the Bible writers? Let’s examine the Commandants that God allegedly spoke and evaluate them.


1st Commandment: “I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage”.

Note: The Bible writers claim that once the Jews were finally free, God hardened Pharaoh’s heart once again so he would chase after them. Does this not libel Him as a traitor to the children of Israel and the Exodus?

2nd Commandment: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or likeness of anything that is in the heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in the water beneath. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them nor serve them; for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; and showing mercy to thousands of them that love me and keep my Commandments”.

Biblical authors have ascribed a frailty to God; human weakness of hatred, rage, vengeance, jealousy, paranoia, insecurity, and spite-qualities most degrading to the meaning of The Lord. Did God create man or has man created God? And can you imagine “The Father” becoming deeply disturbed by the making of images? How can the Catholics resolve this dilemma when their temples are filled with “graven images” depicting the events of Christianity? And notice that God is constantly jealous of other gods. Doesn’t the Almighty know that He is the only one? The Bible defames the Father by portraying Him as an extremely insecure and disturbed Supreme Being.

3rd. Commandment: “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

I must confess ignorance on this one. How can a name be “taken in vain”? If I say “God bless you” am I taking Jehovah’s name in vain? If I say “God damn it” am I guilty of taking His name in vain? If I suddenly realize that DOG spelled backwards is GOD does that qualify to make me guilty?

4th Commandment: “Thou shalt keep the Sabbath Holy”.

Jewish people have gone to extremes to observe the fourth commandment. In order to comply, they have created a self-imposed impotence upon themselves. Many pious Jews scrupulously observe the dietary laws of keeping meat and dairy dishes separated. Some families own a second set of cutlery and flatware and never mix the two in order to keep them “kosher. Orthodox Jews must not light their stoves or ovens on the Sabbath. They generally arrange for a gentile friend or neighbor to ignite their appliances for them. They are not allowed to drive or use elevators on the Sabbath, which is very curious since neither autos nor elevators existed in olden times. The taboo extends to a host of prohibitions that would otherwise be considered hardships. Perhaps the origin of these practices stems from a biblical passage where a man was stoned to death for picking up sticks on the Sabbath. God is actually quoted as saying, “Whosoever does any work on the Sabbath shall be put to death”. What would that do to our economy?

Note: Extremely orthodox Jewish couples consider sex unclean and make love through a hole cut in the bed sheet. This fanatical observance takes place any day, Sabbath or not. Would any god deign to sanction such a practice?

5th Commandment: “Honor thy father and thy mother; that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.”

The fifth Commandment, “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother” creates a multitude of difficulties. It’s one thing to show respect for parents but quite another to legislate a child’s emotions. Many parents should never have had children in the first place. They have no idea what a child is or what its needs are. In their ignorance, they frequently create life-long problems for their youngsters. This becomes obvious when headlines report children running away from home or even murdering their parents. Young girls frequently become pregnant because of parental reluctance to discuss sexual matters. Scripture bears some responsibility on this issue. It’s incredible to realize that we are required to pass a competency test in order to drive a vehicle but need no lessons on how to raise a child.

6th Commandment: “Thou shalt not kill”.

The sixth Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, presents a worthy sense of morality but extremists who bomb abortion clinics and kill its doctors readily circumvent this injunction by professing they are doing God’s will. If the good Lord weren’t constantly killing people in the Bible this Commandment might make more of an impact on mankind. You know the old saying, “Do as I say not as I do.”

7th Commandment: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

No comment on this one because the Bible contains so much adultery, that it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black. What’s more, it’s no business of scriptural writers to pry into the affairs of men and blame it on God.

8th Commandment: “Thou shalt not steal.”

The eighth law “Thou shalt not steal” is universally accepted because nobody relishes losing his possessions. However, God Himself ordered the Hebrews to “despoil” the Egyptians of gold, silver, precious stones, perfumes and incense and used all the booty in the construction of His first tabernacle. (So says the Bible)

9th Commandment: “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

The ninth commandment is constantly abused wherever the oath is required. Having suspected criminals take the oath in a court of law is foolhardy. Using the Bible to insure the veracity of testimony is even more absurd. Prisons are filled with sanctimonious liars. Nevertheless, it’s surprising how many gullible jurors give added weight to an oath sworn on the Bible. Even elected officials are sworn into office on that book and some of them are far from truthful.

10th Commandment: “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant nor his maidservant, nor his ox nor his ass nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.”

This commandment makes the wife a piece of property and devalues all women.

If they needed so many laws to keep people honest in the old days there must have been an awful lot of cheating back then. Although laws of conduct were needed in a barbaric society, a code of ethics remains a necessity even today. In my opinion our current society appears no less primitive in its behavior than did the tribes of Moses. “God’s laws” didn’t work then and it’s highly unlikely that they will now. We have seen that some of the rules deserve merit while others are nothing more than pure superstition. However, the value of the commandments is not the issue, the ones that are recognized by the world, is. If you have verified the verses indicated, you will agree that no liberties were taken with biblical text. The discrepancies cited could be found by anyone that does not feel intimidated by Scripture. It seems inconceivable that we have been teaching the wrong Commandments for four thousand years or since the Clergy identified “God’s laws”.

Note: I have no prejudice towards any faith, in fact I favor religious observance for I sincerely believe that people have a need to worship. I also admire the many churches and synagogues for their help in welcoming new arrivals to the neighborhoods where they can meet and make friends. Besides providing a meaningful social life for adults and children alike, much splendid charity works wouldn’t be accomplished without their efforts. It is only the Bible’s portrayal of God that I find offensive, not the book in its entirety, for there is also much that is good to be found within its pages.

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