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Welcome to Protect This website was created to protect our Creator against any deprecation of His sacred image. But before beginning, I wish to address a current situation that has caused a good deal of controversy lately-“Stem Cell research”.

To a truly faithful Christian every part of the New Testament is taken literally, which includes the following:

Evil creatures come from the supernatural world to inhabit our bodies and cause a variety of maladies, illnesses and diseases. These ghastly invaders are sent by Satan and include devils, demons and unclean spirits. The Pope himself, who suffers from Parkinson, is so sure of this premise that the Vatican permits exorcism, in certain cases, even today in the 21 century. Of course, great care is taken to first determine that the “disease” is not a purely psychological manifestation, but once assured that the person is truly “possessed” by these visitors from Hell, a very reliable priest commands these malevolent imps to depart from the stricken individual in the name of Jesus.

Scripture tells us that Christ Himself spent a great deal of time and energy “curing” the deaf, the lame, the blind and victims of the plague by “casting out” these demons, devils and unclean spirits and even taught his disciples to do likewise. Is it possible that the beloved Deity of millions didn’t know that microbes and heredity were responsible for sickness? If millions of Christians were right, it would appear to be a sheer waste of time and money to pursue Stem Cell research. Apparently President Bush has been opposed to it from the beginning.

It is amazing that people who are generally rational in worldly affairs seem to be so primitive about religious matters.

Millions of worshippers go to their churches unaware that the book they use to honor God does the opposite. The Bible accuses our Creator of unspeakable atrocities against mankind and defames His sacred image. Shouldn't a sacred book, like the Bible, portray a Being of the highest ethical qualities for man to emulate? Unfortunately, a painstaking investigation of the Bible reveals that Scripture defames God by maligning His character and morality.

Winchell, Mahoney and Knuclehead is a shortened version of my book Defamation of God.

You may recognize me from my part in the "Jerry Mahoney and Paul Winchell" duo. I have had a long and successful career and throughout my life, have been a God-fearing man. Later on in my life I found I had time to do things I had never had time to do before - so I began reading. Wanting to know more about God, I chose to read the Bible, possibly the most influential book in the history of mankind. To be blunt, I did not like what I found. Aside from its numerous contradictions and historical inconsistencies, the book purported to tell God's story actually classifies him as a jealous and murderous being who punishes men for the very faults he created them with, then sacrifices his only son to redeem these faults. The stories of such atrocities can even be classified as "The Dark Side" of the Bible.

Defamation Of God

By Dr. Paul Winchell


God is being defamed and most people are totally unaware of it. It's time to end an injustice that's been going on for centuries and I've chosen to take a stand because I'm God's child and love my Father. I should say Our Father for we are all God's children and I've spent a big part of my life learning about Our Creator and the meaning He holds for people everywhere. I will protect that sacred image by challenging every libelous accusation against His character and morality wherever such charges are encountered, even if cherished beliefs are inadvertently trampled upon.

I've been successful in my life and accomplished much of what I originally set out to do. I enjoyed a twenty-year television career as a ventriloquist with my alter egos Jerry Mahoney ad Knucklehead Smiff. I made a lot of movies, appeared on most top television shows, crea ted and performed the voice of "Tigger" for thirty six years at Disney Studios, invented and patented the first successful Artificial heart used in humans - but all that aside, I must now take a stand and speak out against any denigration of Our Father.

I will begin my presentation by discussing the concept called "God" that every one of us carries in our heads-with wide variations, depending upon our "Parental beliefs and practices." We start life by identifying with mom and dad and then deal with our fellow man as though he carries the same image of God that we do. Now, what might such an image be if it is not based upon Scripture? Many will immediately brand him an Atheist but the question worth considering is this: "Is it wrong to believe in a god that is not found in the Bible"? We seem to have no problem with adherents of other faiths, even though their sacrosanct beliefs differ vastly from ours. I suspect we can afford to be tolerant in those cases because we're convinced that they worship a myth while our Deity is the only true God; obviously, they believe the same about us.


It is almost impossible to relate to the mindset of our ancestors during antiquity for they lived at a time when Superstition was rampant and mankind had not yet emerged from the Dark Ages. Society consisted of The Church and Monarchy and the average citizen operated a fief and had to share his product with land Barons. Before you discount any of the following please consider this: Our forebears had no Science, no telescopes or Astronauts to send pictures of other planets back to them; no satellites or computers and they had no knowledge of the dinosaurs that would have sunk Noah's Ark in a heartbeat. So please let's be tolerant of the concepts they made for they never even saw the land upon which they dwelt; not even a view from a helicopter was available nor a jet, the Shuttle and definitely not a Space Station of today's technology. And how can we ever forget that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took photographs of our home from the moon?

We live in a totally different world today than that of our primitive ancestors, with new knowledge and invention. How can we expect them to have thought differently then they did? When they became ill and death seemed imminent, it was understandable and perfectly reasonable for them to pray to a god in their feelings of helplessness. They either got well or they died but presently revolutionary treatment exists. We can receive a new heart and lungs, kidneys or liver transplants and we can do it without prayer. No such option existed during their day so the image of a caring god who might help them get well became a necessity. Currently, even the Pope seeks medical aid for his Parkinson condition rather than rely on prayer alone and there's nothing immoral about that.

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We may not give it a thought but many phenomena of the universe, formerly regarded as God's bailiwick, have now been relegated to the commonplace. Television weathermen show us satellites tracking weather systems hourly. It's freezing in New York and sweltering in Miami; people are dying from tornadoes in the mid west but all is sunny and calm in California. Floods devastate Europe and Asia while reports tell us that droughts are destroying crops in the farmlands. Newscasters announce meteor showers and invite us outdoors to watch Lunar and Solar eclipses, elements of nature formerly accepted as Omens from God. The terrified populace read warnings into every catastrophe, "Behave or the world will come to an end." Today, thanks to Scientific Research, much of the fear has evaporated with rational explanations for natural disasters. Without our current knowledge it was completely natural for earlier civilizations to turn to "the gods" for assistance. It would have been inconceivable if they had not.

The amazing fact is that many people still share the views of antiquity as though the older an idea is the more valid it becomes and that is the greatest paradox of the ages. With all the crimes and wars that go on, the events of 9-11, the sniper attacks, the suicide bombers that murder innocent people, those horrible nightclub fires, the Shuttle disasters and the students that shoot classmates and teachers-perhaps the time has come to leave the fantasies in the ancient past and face hard reality. We live in a "World of Chance" in fact, a Universe of chance where most things happen because they obey the law of "Cause and Effect". But before going any further, I wish to make one thing very clear. The sentiment that follows is not Atheistic but neither is it Scriptural; it is simply one that deals with the concept of God in a purely generic sense.

I take a totally neutral position in this matter. I'm neither for nor against any belief that mankind has held about Deity, past as well as present. I am perfectly comfortable to admit that there is a God and just as open to accept the remote possibility that there isn't. That premise is immaterial to my present point of view. What strikes me is that we human beings are like computers, far superior of course - for the present anyway - but we function in a similar manner. We make mental Files of everything that we consider important, files of all kinds, and when we "Save" these files they continue to run automatically. Unfortunately, we can't delete them as easily as our silicon counterparts - the human mind is far more complex - but it's functioning is very similar. We start our lives by "Scanning" our parents and "Saving a copy" of their values, attitudes, prejudices and religious beliefs, which become part of our "subconscious". In less technical terms, their constant "suggestions" are actually a form of hypnosis. All parents hypnotize their children to a certain extent, and although not intentional, Parental values frequently persist for a lifetime.

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