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5th April 2005
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Come Back Mrs Noah
UK, BBC, Sitcom, Colour, 1977
Starring: Mollie Sugden, Ian Lavender, Donald Hewlett
Come Back Mrs Noah

A sci-fi sitcom featuring many of the actors who had appeared, or would later appear, in other productions from the Jeremy Lloyd/Jimmy Perry/David Croft theatre of comedy, including Mollie Sugden (Are You Being Served? , Ian Lavender (Dad's Army , Donald Hewlett and Michael Knowles (whose characters were based on their It Ain't Half Hot Mum personae) and Gorden Kaye ('Allo 'Allo! .

Like Dad's Army and It Ain't Half Hot Mum, Come Back Mrs Noah was another period piece, but this time that period was the future: the year 2050. Mollie Sugden played a housewife, Mrs Noah, whose prize, as the winner of a cookery competition, is to be shown around Britain's new Space Exploration Vehicle, the space station Britannia Seven. In the pilot episode, a series of mishaps result in the craft accidentally blasting off, with Mrs Noah and the station's skeleton crew catapulted into outer space. The full series followed the attempts to bring Mrs Noah and the errant craft back down to Earth.

Not without good reason, Come Back Mrs Noah has been cited in some quarters as one of the worst British sitcoms of all time, but there were some funny lines, especially in the Earth news bulletins (read by Gorden Kaye) which reported on a future where Britain's North Sea oil revenues had re-established it as the most prosperous and successful nation on the planet, with once powerful economies like Germany and the USA struggling to survive and turning to the UK for assistance. But, overall, the series fared pretty badly, failing to take off with an audience who found the quantum leap of fantasy required to accept Mollie Sugden as an astronaut light-years beyond their capabilities.

Researched and written by Mark Lewisohn.

Gallery Images - Click for a bigger image
Mollie Sugden - Gertrude Noah
Ian Lavender - Clive Cunliffe
Donald Hewlett - Carstairs
Michael Knowles - Fanshaw
Gorden Kaye - TV presenter
Tim Barrett - Garfield Hawk
Ann Michelle - Scarth Dare
Jennifer Lonsdale - Technician

Jeremy Lloyd - Writer
David Croft - Writer
Bob Spiers - Director
David Croft - Producer
Transmission Details
Number of episodes: 6 Length: 30 mins
Pilot · 13 Dec 1977 · BBC1 Tue 8pm
One series (5) 17 July-14 Aug 1978 · BBC1 Mon around 6.50pm

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