Best talent levels for a run will probably be 2006, 2008 and then
by Hickster (April 03, 2005 at 18:42:56)

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In reply to: Weis's best NC shots are this year and next  posted by SEE

...we should be off to the races.

Here is what I see should happen if things work out the way that we anticipate, under Coach Weis' ability to recruit, develop and coach:

2005: Next year could be strong, if we are lucky enough to catch lightning in a bottle for the 2nd time (back in '64 when Ara took over in the 1st year). Unfortunatley, systems seem to be more difficult to pick-up than back then.

2006: System in with good experience. Last full year of the last strong recruiting class in 2003 with players not redshirted BQ, RH, JS, on offense and VA, CN, FP on defense, plus some good experience from some 2002 redshirted players. This year's 2006 strong recruiting class get a chance to get used to the system...some skill players and only "man-child" lineman will see the field.

2007: New starting QB. No depth with OL and 6 of top 7 players from the good 2003 recruits have already used up their eligibility. This is the year for 2006 recruiting class and new QB to get allot of experience. This reminds me of 1972 when allot of sophmores (Tom Clements and crew) got experience and get ready for 1973's NC year.

2008: 2006 recruiting class are juniors combined with those stronger players and overachieving players from previous classes will be playing. Also, there should be Top 5 to Top 10 recruiting classes from here on out to insert outstanding sophmores and start to maintain the program at the highest level.