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the Gandhi Memorial Center

On display in the Gandhi Center is a life size statue of Mahatma Gandhi by the Swiss sculptor, Mrs. Clara Quien, herself a devoted follower of Gandhi, while she resided at Sevagram in 1946-1947.

The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Foundation, Inc.

"The real purpose of our Gandhi Center is not research or book lending, but life building. Gandhiji's aphorism, 'My life is my message,' means not only that we should see him more in light of what he did than in terms of what he said or wrote but also that we ourselves should be more and do more than what we merely say or theorize. Ours is not a museum or shrine for inert thoughts, but an environment for self-realization in service of satyagraha as the Mahatma himself described it: 'self-purification, self-dedication and selflessness.'"
                                                                                                         --Srimati Kamala

The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Foundation, Incorporated, was founded in the United States of America in 1959 by Swami Premananda. The purpose of the Foundation is to disseminate and represent the philosophy, ideal, life, service and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi as well as the cultural heritage of India. The Foundation is a legally independent, nonprofit cultural and educational organization.

The Gandhi Memorial Center, dedicated for public service on January 30, 1976, by the Indian Ambassador, His Excellency T.N. Kaul, houses headquarters for the Foundation, a library and special meeting rooms for lectures and films depicting the life and activities of Mahatma Gandhi and the cultural heritage of India.

The Library, located on the main floor of the Center, contains several thousand books, magazines and pamphlets. In addition to the complete works of Gandhiji, it offers a broad representation of authors from many cultures, educational displays and recordings.

The Library is open every Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. except during the months of July and August. Special programs take place year-round. All work of the Center is the dedicated effort of volunteers who serve with no remuneration.

Membership: Membership in the Library is open to all people everywhere. There are two kinds of membership--annual ($5) and life ($100).  Annual membership is for the calendar year, i.e., January 1st to December 31st.

The mission of the Gandhi Center extends beyond our Washington campus. "Mahatma Gandhi's Message in America" is a large photographic display of over 40 panels and other accompanying materials prepared by the Gandhi Memorial Center. The exhibit was originally sponsored by the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, New Delhi (1980), and is now available for loan to museums, universities, or civic groups.

The Gandhi Center administers a one-year Correspondence Course in the United States on Gandhiji's life, thoughts, and work leading to a certificate from the Gujarat Vidyapith (the university in Gandhiji's home state founded by him in 1920). It is the only such course existing outside of India.

Srimati Kamala, Director, Gandhi Memorial Center, USA, receiving the 1995 Jamnalal Bajaj International Award for promoting Gandhian values outside India, from the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, in Bombay. Mr. Rahul Bajaj, Chairman of the Foundation is seen on the extreme right.


"Giri Bhavan," (Mountain Abode) is a graceful three-story building located on Western Avenue between the residence called "Shanti Bhavan" ("Abode of Peace") and the Golden Lotus Temple.

"Giri" (meaning "Mountain") refers to one of the ashrams of the Swami Order established by Swami Shankaracharya in the Himalayan Mountains of India in the 8th century A.D. It implies identification with all that is lofty, high-minded and refined in spiritual aspiration. Giri Bhavan is a temple of self-dedication.


Every activity of the Church and Gandhi Center, including beautification and maintenance, is the service of dedicated workers in expression of the philosophy of oneness of life, work as worship, and the joy of mutual effort on the path of self-perfection.


The Golden Lotus Press, which was established in 1969 and is located on the grounds of the church, is composed of a studio, printing press and a book bindery. Books, magazines and brochures of the Self-Revelation Church and Gandhi Memorial Center are artistically produced and printed by dedicated workers. All publications are available in the book room, which is adjacent to the chapel in the Golden Lotus Temple or by mail order.

Visit us also at www.self-revelationchurch.org

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