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For the last 10 or 15 years, I've been consumed with the pursuit of rocket scale data--drawings, dimensions, and photos of real rockets to be used in making scale models.  Most of my drawings are available in my books, which you can look at on my commercial Saturn Press site.  Here are a bunch of free drawings of assorted rockets.  A couple appear in my books, several  appeared in Sport Rocketry magazine or other periodicals.   at least one comes from a NARTS booklet.  I am just starting to post some scanned photos to a separate photo page.

These drawings were converted from my original MacDraw documents into 72 pixel-per-inch gif images.  Windows machines may print them at 75 pixels per inch--4% smaller than the scales indicate.

"STA" numbers refer to distance from nose tip, tail end, or some other reference point along the rocket.

SA5missile.gif (12309 bytes) The symbol that looks like an O with a line through it means diameter.

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Aerobee 170 AMRAAM Arcon Athena Atlas D
Atoll Black Brant VI Black Brant VII Black Brant VIII Bullpup
Dauphin Falcon Friede Goa Griffon
Guideline Hopi-Dart Journeyman MT-135 N1
Nike-Hercules Project Pilot Rohini RH-200 RX-250-LPN RX-250/250
Sapwood (R-7) Skean (R-12) Shyster (R-5) Talos Tartar
Terrier-Nike Thor Titan II Vostok

If the rocket you want to model isn't here, see if it's covered in one of my books at my Saturn Press site.

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