My ICQ Skins Page

MY ICQ Skins Page

Here are the skins I've made so far. In order to put them on your icq, you'll need to install ICQ Plus first.

Each picture is what the main part of the skin looks like. Later I'll put up better pics but I guess these'll have to do for now. ^^;;; If for some reason you'd like to put them on your webpage, gimme a shout and I'll be happy to let you host them as well.


1) Right-click your mouse on the pic to download.
2) You'll need winzip to unzip the file.
3) Unzip everything into a new folder** in the "Skins" folder of the "icq plus" directory.
4) Click on the ICQ button on your icq program. Select "plus" from the list, and the ICQ Plus dialog box will pop up.
5) You should see the name of the folder you just created. Just choose that folder, click "apply", and the skin will *magically* show up on your icq program. Isn't technology wonderful??

If you have trouble installing these skins, please contact me.

Skins Planned: more Weiss Kreuz skins, Hotohori skins (?)

Koyasu Takehito Koyasu Takehito againmore KT... Van Fanel from EscaflowneAngel Sanctuary

**The folder names for these skins should be: Koyasu, Koyasu2, kokuhaku Van, and as respectively.**

Weiss Kreuz character skins:

The Shower Series o.O;;

Aya in the showerKen in the showerOmi in the showerYouji smoking (?) in the shower

**The folder names for these skins should be: Aya_shower, Ken_shower, Omi_shower, and Youji_shower respectively.**

Schwarz skins

Anime Crawford & SchuldichAnime Farfie & NagiManga Crawford & Nagi ^^V

**The folder names for these skins are: color_crawschu, farfie_nagi, schu_craw, and farfie respectively.**

Manga Weiss skins

Manga AyaManga KenManga YoujiManga Omi

**The folder names for these skins are: manga_aya, manga_ken, manga_youji, and manga_omi respectively.**


Ran & AyaAya in a kimono!  Wai!

**the folder names for these skins are: ran_aya and kimono_aya respectively.**

Fushigi Yuugi:

Hotohori gaiden skins

Hori-sama and his familyHori-sama and Houki

**the folder names for these skins are: Hori_family and Horihouki respectively.**


Escaflowne, Weiss Kreuz, and their characters belong to their respective owners. None of these pics are scanned by me; I know the first Koyasu picture is scanned by KnK...all the wk and Koyasu pics are scanned by Aya...and the Hotohori pics by Thay, but don't remember where I got the other pictures from. Please email me if you're 1) the owner of the pic(s), or 2) you know who scanned them. Proper credits will be given.

people actually like icq skins as much as I do.

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