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Co Counselors learn to be aware of persons and take turns listening to each other with care, respect and attention.

Peerlisteners (PL)  is an organization being formed to support and coordinate co counselors  and co counseling organizations.  Its goal is a non-autocratic co counseling movement rooted in  the freedom, power and rights of its members.

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What You Can Do Here

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Involve Yourself in Co Counseling (User ID required) 

We designed the web so you could*:

Find Contacts, Resources, Training and Activities
Inform others of Your Interest, Wants and the Co counseling Services you Offer
Take Part in our Threaded Discussion Forum
As a Peer Listeners Member 

If you join PL, we provide facilities to*:

Register your Co Counseling Organization (non autocratic only) or Start Your Own Co Counseling Group
Publicize your group's plans, goals and events 
If you are qualified and registered in PL as a co counseling teacher or workshop leader, Offer and Publicize your Classes and Workshops
Volunteer to support and become active in our Sponsoring organization, Peerlisteners (PL)
Meanwhile, Cruise our Web As a Guest
Learn Who we are and What this Web is about
Contact related Webs
Learn about Co Counseling and Our Sponsor, (PL)
See how to get help in learning and doing co counseling
Find out Who & What PL Is
Know our dreams, purposes, practices, and activities

* Some services rudimentary or not operating at present.  All are expected to be finished this year or early in 2000.

Access to This Web

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There are no dues or fees for use of this web, nor are there any obligations or conditions other than an agreement that users will abide by PL's conditions of use

We Solicit a wide Variety of Opinions, but bar all forms of discrimination, pornography, commercial, profit-making and completely unrelated material

Users have strong Rights; almost anything goes as long as a person respects the rights of others  

Be assured:

We do not reveal any logon information.  Only the system administrator has access to logon info.  

When you write on the web, your UserID is attached to your messages (and you will probably want to include your email address, general location and other data so people can contact you and know something about you). 

If you follow recommendations, your true identity cannot be traced to you.  (Even the system administer does not know it).  Within the web,  we provide a way to keep  personal information confidential by supporting use of aliases (UserIDs).    We also suggest you use dedicated email accounts for initial contacts with people listed in PL

We not reveal any registration information to unaffiliated organizations or individuals

 Other data will be used by PL on a need to know basis only

This section is repeated and rights and conditions are discussed in more detail when users get their UserIDs.

Who Are We?
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What is Co Counseling?

Co counseling is a process in which persons, after being trained to do so, take turns listening attentively to each other[More]

The Mission of this Web

To promote the spread of a co counseling movement which uses forms and  practices that foster the freedom and empowerment of members

To serve all who share our dream by providing a web site to coordinate like-minded individuals and organizations

Breaking News  
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We Upgraded the Home Page and the Logon and Registration forms to focus on services we offer and make them  easier to use.  We will next  simplify and Improve Ease of Use of forum, calendar and contact Lists.  


We launched 'Co counseling Center,' a new home page emphasizing our commitment to supporting and coordinating co counselors and co counseling organizations


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Where does Peer Listeners (PL) fit in?

This Web is a Service Provided, at no cost or obligation, by Peer Listeners (PL) for Co Counselors who share our dreams and commitments

Who Operates the Web?

The Co Counseling Center web was created by and is run by Peerlisteners volunteers without any financial compensation.  [About PL Web Site].  

A Bit About PL

Peer Listeners, a not-for-profit organization, aims to help create and support a co counseling Movement which:

Recognizes full freedom, power and autonomy of co counselors and  their right to participate in decisions which affect them

Is designed to be Safe for members and guests as they participate - to Protect them from abuse by other members, affiliated groups or PL itself.

[More] [Key Papers of PL]

It is the aim of Peer Listeners to serve all co counseling organizations and individuals who share our goals and methods.

We neither support nor oppose any other organizations or causes  [More]

PL has no dues or fees for membership and PL accepts no outside donations except

Those from officially affiliated and associated organizations
Those donated to help pay the out-of-pocket costs of providing the web. click here 
[All donations will be accounted for and reported (without revealing names unless so directed)]

PL Members have broad Rights granted by a proposed Charter. [More ]

In PL, the Co Counselor being listened to has full control of the process during her or his turn
Only  non autocratic organizations can affiliate with PL

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Copyright © 1997, 1998, 1999 by Peer Listeners.  All rights reserved, including those to the names, 'Co Counseling Center,' 'CoCo Center,' 'CoCoServ,' 'CoCoWebs,' 'Peer Listeners,' 'Peer Listening' and 'PL' used in reference to co counseling.

Webs which are hosted or sponsored by PL are completely autonomous.  PL provides web service to each of them by agreement but does not control, and is not responsible for, them or their policies or actions.

You can contact us by email at

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