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OOGLTOOLS, Version 0.9 (or so..) by A.Butz, butz@dfki.uni-sb.de
What are the oogltools?

They are a collection of tools I initially wrote for my own purposes and that allow you to import some foreign 3D-graphics formats into the OOGL language used by Geomview. They run at least under LINUX, SunOS and IRIX, but should work on any -ix like system. For some formats you need access to MS-DOS and a demo version of bCAD 2.0. If you find someone with Autodesk 3D Studio, this will even be better, but the bCAD demo is for free. You might also want to check out Jason Matthews' oogl to vrml converter, Daeron Meyer's Viewer3D applet and Larry Gritz' Blue Moon Rendering Tools in relation with Geomview.

You can DOWNLOAD the oogltools (7.6 Kbyte oogltools.tar.gz).

The model pool:

I wrote and collected these tools in order to import as many 3D models as I could find. An appropriate payment for this work would be to send me your converted OOGL models via email. I'll publish all the models from my WWW page.

The formats:

The tools are by no means complete, and provided as-is, and, and, and... BUT: they allowed me to convert models from the following formats:

.aoff : aoff2off I had only one test model, so this one is the most likely to fail, but the conversion is easy to understand.. .tpoly : poly2off.c and tpoly2off I first wrote the csh script tpoly2off which works, but takes some time. Then I found a C program by Jason Mathews which does exactly the same thing, but much quicker. .raw : raw2quad, raw2tpoly raw2quad is a lossy converter since it converts triangles into quads with 2 identical vertices. However it was easy to write.. Maybe anytooff and polymerge could repair this afterwards... raw2tpoly converts .raw files (e.g. from Midnight Modeller) into .tpoly files, which is only a syntactical translation. From there you can go via offprepare to oogl with poly2off or tpoly2off, which is all done in one step by raw2off .asc : asc2oogl and help.awk This one is the most useful and most elaborated! it converts 3D Studio .asc files to OOGL preserving the separation between different objects, so that you can pick them later in Geomview. Since .asc files don't preserve the color information, my next project will be to write something to colorize these models... .3ds : find someone with an MS-DOS PC (huuu, ok, but they don't bite!), get an evaluation copy of bcad20.zip from http://www.lightside.com/3dsite/cgi/bcad/index.html and propose your MS-DOS friend to give him a marvellous CAD program if he converts some files for you with it. Import the 3DS files into bCAD (named objects to layers) and export them as 3D-Studio .ASC files. The limitation of the number of objects is only valid for bCAD's generic data format, but not for im- and export. Thank God! For the .asc files go ahead with the OOGLTOOLS. .dxf : like .3ds, and if it doesn't work, ask slevy@geom.umn.edu for a dxf2oogl converter. Lots of these models can be found at the Avalon FTP/WWW site and from Harry H. Chang's Homepage.
The support:

...before complaining that something doesn't work, watch out for the newest version of the toolbox in this page. If it still doesn't work, try to fix the bug and send me the fixed version ;-). If you're not able to find what's wrong and the respective converter was written by me, send me the data files you were converting and tell me what machine you were using. Then again, if you're lucky an I find some time, I'll try to find it out... The tools were written under Linux and tested under SunOS and IRIX.

I invite you to have a look at my home page and my photo gallery, and wish you good luck with your models.

Andreas Butz,