Greetings Earthlings. I am Pong and I have been chosen by the Atarian Council to speak to you about our mothership Atari.

The name Atari comes from the ancient board game Go, where "atari" is a Japanese term that applies to moves which threaten to capture opponent's stones. How fitting.

Atari first landed on planet Earth in the late 1970’s. From the early days of coin operated machines, Atari has created some of the most influential gaming and electronic entertainment products in the world.

The seventies

Atari was credited with starting the video arcade industry with the seminal Pong in 1972. Yes it’s me. The home version of Pong was later released in 1975, which connected to a television set, and was one of the first video game consoles.

In 1977 the Atari 2600, originally known as the Atari VCS, was launched. An amazing craft which cornered the home video game market. But the 2600 experienced its first enemy in 1980 from Mattel's Intellivision, which claimed it had superior graphics capabilities relative to the 2600. A battle ensued and the 2600 remained the standard-bearer, due to its market superiority, backed up by a far greater arsenal of game titles.

The Atarians were penetrating Earthling’s homes everywhere.

The eighties
In the early 1980s, Atari held a formidable position in the world video game market. They were the number one console maker on Planet earth.
The Atarians had definitely landed and were taking the world by storm.

In the mid 1980’s, Atari changed course and began targeting the home computers market, releasing the 8-bit Atari XEseries and the 16-bit Atari STline in 1985.

Then, in 1986, the Atarians rebelled against this decision and an uprising caused the re-release of the Atari 2600 and the Atari 7800 console.

The Atari ST16-bit computer, launched in 1987, proved very successful. It was especially popular among musicians, and to this day is still used by Norman Cook aka Fat Boy Slim. During this time of progress and eventual world domination, Atari released a line of affordable IBM compatible PCs.

In 1989 Atari released the Atari Lynx, a handheld console with colour graphics, to critical acclaim worldwide.

The Atarian revolution had worked as consoles and software again became Atari’s main focus.

The nineties
In 1993, Atari released its last console, the Jaguar.

And then the original Atari ceased to exist. The Atarians fled and went underground but their following never died and their influence can be seen in many games today.

Today, Atari has developed a reputation as one of the leading video game publishers in the world. Since 2001, a new wave of Atarians have been infiltrating homes around the world.

But the original Atarians that went underground in the 1980’s have resurfaced and created a new force called Atari Flashback. A craft containing twenty original action packed games. They’re back and they’re looking for global domination.

Can you play them at their own game?

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