A) Brandon Bypass

B) So. Hillsborough Pkwy.

C) Northtown Expy.

D) Gandy Fwy.

E) West Crosstown Expy.

F) Dale Mabry Upgrade

G) Brooker Fwy.

H) Lutz Fwy.

I) Hills. Bay Causeway


A) Brandon Bypass - The Brandon Bypass was recognized as early as the late 1950s as a "major need" in Tampa's road system. It's cancellation is a result of explosive suburban growth, little planning, and state road interests not acquiring land or funds in time. In 1984, by the time the state was ready to begin planning the road, Brandon had almost 200,000 people. By 1990, intense community opposition and the high cost of plowing a freeway through a dense, new, suburb had put the Brandon bypass on the back burner. SR 60 was instead upgraded to an 8-10 arterial and another bypass, further out, is currently being planned.

B) South Hillsborough Parkway - The South Hillsborough Parkway was put on the books by the Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority in 1972, and was primarily meant to relieve traffic on US 41. Suburban growth was expected to reach southward along US 41 by the early 1990s. The swampy coast meant that the expected growth in the area never came, and I-75's construction made up for the need to upgrade US 41. The road was cancelled by 1987.

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Left: Hillsborough County's proposed freeway system in the early 1960s. Left: The crosstown Expressway System proposed in the early 1970s.


C) Northtown Expy. (North Crosstown Expy.) - This was the northern part of the Crosstown Expressway system first proposed in 1962. It was meant to relieve traffic along Buffalo Ave. (MLK Blvd) and Hillsborough Ave. The high cost of land acquisition in the densely populated urban areas north of downtown meant that I-275 and I-4 would have to be upgraded instead. The Northtown Expy. was off the planning books by 1981. Tampa Stadium (later upgraded to Raymond James Stadium) was placed in it's location partially because of the planned adjacency of the Northtown Expy.

D) Gandy Freeway - The Gandy Freeway is a short westward extension of the Crosstown Expy to the Gandy Bridge. The Gandy Freeway is technically still on the books, and is not cancelled, a 2003 plan indicated that it would cost over $500 million to build. A survey that same year indicated that most residents living near Gandy Blvd don't want the road to be built, and it wont be anytime soon.

E) West Crosstown Expressway - The West Crosstown Expressway was planned in 1962 to replace Grand Central Blvd (JFK Blvd), and to connect downtown with freeways heading west and to the Frankland Bridge. It would have also gone through some of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Tampa, and was cancelled due to it's very high cost.

F) Dale Mabry Upgrades - Dale Mabry Highway was planned, in 1981, to be upgraded to a partially access controlled parkway. Only part of the upgrades took place, with separated grade interchanges at Busch Blvd and Hillsborough Ave. Other upgrades were cancelled because of increasing business presence along the road.

G) Brooker Freeway, Pinellas Freeway - This freeway would head westward into Pinellas County and end at US 19 near Dunedin. The Brooker Freeway was proposed in the early 1960s and was cancelled by the late 1970s. The main reason for it's cancelled was the Brooker Creek nature preserve blocking it's path, and slow suburban growth in the area.

H) Lutz Freeway - The Lutz freeway would be Tampa's northern arc, connecting the Veterans Expy. and I-75. It was proposed as part of a beltway system in the early 1960s but was cancelled in the late 1980s due to community opposition. More about the Lutz Freeway on the Veterans Expressway page.

I) Hillsborough Bay Causeway - The Hillsborough Bay Causeway was another freeway/bridge designed primarily to meet the growing needs of a suburban south Hillsborough County. It was cancelled for many reasons, by 1967 it was dead. The port was against it, as it provided another barrier for ships, and the suburban growth in southern Hillsborough County never came. The idea for the causeway was hatched as a hurricane protection device. Similar to a hurricane barrier constructed in Rhode Island in the 1960s.

Left: This 1963 view looks southward from the intersection of Dale Mabry and Hillsborough Avenue. Tampa Stadium would soon fill the space in the center of the picture. Dale Mabry never got a full freeway upgrade, but several of these separated-grade interchanges were constructed and remain today. (Photo: Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission)