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George Woodbridge died of emphysema on January 20, 2004. A memorial was held in his home the first Saturday of February, and a service given at Fort Lee on the Hudson River in NJ on Sunday by the Brigade of the American Revolution, with his family and many many friends and admirers in attendance.

America's Dean of Uniform Illustration


   This set of  exquisitely detailed prints are available individually at $20 each, or $50 for the complete set of four. Printed on 11 x 17" high finish, acid free paper, with accompanying notes. The edition is limited to 1000, and is hand signed by the artist. A limited number of signed prints are still available through his wife Deborah, contact can be made through this website at: kamail@ptd.net


20th Georgia, Benning's Brigade, 1863      

One of Hood's Veterans        

     2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, 1862-63
       The Dreaded Iron Brigade

Zouave, Wheat's Louisiana Tiger Battalion, 1861-62      

Rough and Ready Warf Rats from the New Orleans Waterfront         

     Driver, Battery I, 1st US Artillery, 1863
       A Magnificent Study in Artillery Equipage

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