Hey there. Dave here. Sitting in my favorite chair in the control room with a few minutes to spare. Nick is mixing. MT is doing some technical shit that no one else could even begin to understand. BB is probably on the phone in the office, or practicing his pong skills (which have become utterly unstoppable). Sean is whittling wood in the warehouse. Geoff is back at home. Taylor just left after his usual afternoon visit. It's a hot one, today, though it makes no difference here deep in the bowels of 606, where it's always a cool, comfortable 72 degrees. Fortunately, I just had my week in the sun, taking a nice break before we begin the mix. Many beers were spilled (down my throat) beside the pool. Many listens of the new album. Many viewings of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. Many hours sleep. The past month was a flippin' bear. Noon to 6 am everyday. I have probably single handily depleted the Kona coast of all coffee reserves. But, we did it. It's done.

"In Your Honor" will be the bands fifth album. Almost exactly a decade from the release of the first Foo Fighters record, it will come out in June. It is a double album, as promised. One CD rock, one CD acoustic. It will surprise you. It surprises me. Almost a year in the making, from 5 hours of bedroom demos, to warehouses being built from the ground up, to months of rehearsals, to the construction of an 8,000 square foot classic recording studio, to the recording of 40 songs, to the final track list of 20 songs, it is by far the most ambitious project I have ever had anything to do with in my entire life.

There are subtleties. There are complexities. There are extremities. There are familiarities. There is orchistration. There is simplicity. There is a pile of blown speakers on the floor. There is full bottle of whiskey covered in drywall dust. There is a full bottle of whiskey covered in drywall dust that is about to disappear.

Never before have we ever put so much effort into the making of an album. 1st record- 6 days. 2nd record- 2 months. 3rd record- 3 or 4 months (but mostly just drinking and BBQ) 4th record- 2 and a half weeks. 5th record- writing, rehearsing, recording = 9 months. And now we are the proud parents of a beautiful 2 headed baby. Born with a 606 on her head, just like that creep from the Omen.

I will spare you the track by track bullshit. You can decide for yourselves. There are a few guests. They may seem strange to you. They don't seem strange to me. I just love music. Music can be faceless. It can be nameless. After all, it's the sound that makes your hair stand on end, right? It will.

I will write more soon (I always say that), but just so you know, I have a calendar in front of me that is a year long, fucking packed with tours that will spin us around the globe over and over and over again. It makes me dizzy just looking at it. I can't fucking wait.

See you soon,