The Bosley Medical Institute Sued by Attorney General for False Advertising


1996 Investigation by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office: Bureau of Special Operations - Consumer Protection Division.




Note: In December of 2000, the Bosley Medical Institute forced this site to undergo mandatory arbitration proceedings at a forum of their choice in order to prevent the public from viewing this website. The arbitral panel ruled against them, noting that BMI did not contest the accuracy of of the site's information. In its decision, the panel concluded that Bosley was trying to squelch free speech and legitimate fair use reporting rights in a practice sometimes called "cyber-bullying".


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Disciplinary history 
Investigation of offenses
First starts

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SMA system
The "saute" and lowballing
Blood drawn merely as a sales tool

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Substandard care through overbooking
Concealing problem cases

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Altered and misleading photographs
Misleading representations of pain
Misleading representations of scarring

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Misleading representations regarding the doctor's role

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Aderans Buyout:

All shares of BMI were recently purchased by Japan-based Aderans Co. for $62 million details of Aderans buyout . This brings up more questions about this notorious medical group, and they may be in violation of California's (as well as other states) corporate practice of medicine doctrine. This doctrine is intended to protect the public by putting certain restrictions on the corporate ownership of medical organizations in order to prevent unlicensed persons from making management decisions and having an undo influence on the physician's professional judgment. More about the corporate practice of medicine doctrine






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District Attorney and medical board investigate consumer complaints

You may have seen their late night infomercials, magazine advertisements and glossy brochures. The Bosley Medical Group claims to offer exceptional results and surgical excellence in their hair restoration clinics - but how much should you believe? The Los Angeles District Attorney's office Consumer Protection Division alleged that Bosley Medical engaged in a widescale advertising campaign heavily based on false and misleading representations. The following document details the investigation mentioned above into the operations of the Bosley Medical Institute. 

The following pages contain a document from the LA County District Attorney's Office Consumer Protection Division pursuant to the Attorney General's consumer protection lawsuit: The People of the State of California v. Bosley Medical Group. This was prompted by the medical board's extensive investigation of  Larry (L.Lee) Bosley and BMG based upon numerous consumer complaints alleging false and misleading advertising and medical malpractice. Bosley Medical was ordered to pay $644,724 in penalties. 

This investigation included: interviews with approximately 40 witnesses (including former BMG patients, physicians, "Senior Medical Assistants", nurses, medical assistants, and other employees); analysis of advertising materials (including brochures, videotapes, infomercials and newspaper advertisements); medical records; undercover investigation and review of internal BMG documents. Some of the D.A.'s allegations included: misrepresentations made regarding pain, scarring and results related to surgical procedures, false and misleading photographs used to encourage potential customers to undergo surgery at BMG to restore their hair, unlawful bonuses or commissions paid to "Senior Medical Assistants", or SMAs-  Bosley salespersons dressed in white lab coats creating the illusion of medically trained personnel.

This investigation and subsequent disciplinary action has led to medical board sanctions in numerous states against Bosley and his outfit in the past couple of years. Larry Bosley's extensive disciplinary record also dates back to the 1970's. 

In 2002, Bosley faced additional allegations regarding the use of unlawful business practices in an accusation filed by the California Medical Board including: dishonest acts related to false and misleading advertising, unlawful use of "senior consultants", failure to disclose pain and discomfort of procedures, and violation of the drug prescribing laws.

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Additional information can be found here:  Misconduct by the Bosley Medical Group


Larry Lee Bosley

Founder and lead pitchman for chain of "hair restoration" centers. Bosley's extensive disciplinary record dates back almost a quarter of a century.

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Court documents reveal numerous violations and deceptive business practices. 


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