The Next Installment of the Popular Shinji and Good Friends Series, Wherein the Cast of Neon Genesis Evangelion Square Off Over Hanafuda!
Second Hanafuda Impact
On Sale June 4, 1999. Price: 7800Yen (plus tax)
JAN Code: 4984841014609
CD-ROM for Windows 95 & Windows 98

Choose from Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Tooji, Ritsuko, Misato, Kaji, Gendou, Kaworu
You can play such dream matches as a father-son confrontation between Shinji and Gendou or Kaji and Misato!
You'll definitely want to see what sort of games can be played!
And even if you don't know the Eva characters all that well, we've got character profiles to get you started!

Misato's expression changes like this!

Note the various reactions of the characters in the course of the game
They go through a variety of facial expressions, smiling when they win, and mad when they lose!
We've also recorded all-new dialogue for them! You'll want to hear Misato's energetic voice and Kaworu's expressions of joy, among others!

The next page has lots more terrific secrets! Don't miss it!

System Requirements
CPU: Hardware capable of running Windows95-J or Windows98-J
(Pentium or later recommended)
RAM: 16MB minimum (32MB recommended)
Display: Minimum 640x480 resolution, 256 (8-bit) color depth
(800x600 resolution, 256 (8-bit) color depth or more recommended)
CD-ROM Drive: Dual-speed minimum (Quad-speed or faster recommended)
Audio: Requires PCM Soundboard
Hard Drive: 3MB for Minimal Install, 20MB for Standard Install, 80MB for Maximum Install
Note: We make no guarantees of the software's functionality on Windows NT or SoftWindows.
Note: Best music play requires system which supports Roland SC-88 Standard MIDI Files.
Note: Performance may degrade when using soft MIDI.