JANCode: 4984841014302

Feel the excitement of seeing what picture emerges when you're done
The second installment in the Shinji and Good Friends Series is all about grid number picture puzzles! Using the numbers across and down as hints to fill in the correct spaces to bring out pictures of the Eva characters and other images. The rules are simple enough, but the game itself is not. How many can you solve?

System Requirements
Processor: anything capable of running Windows95-J or Windows98-J
RAM: 16MB minimum (32MB or more required)
Display: 800x600 resolution, 8-bit (256) color minimum
CD-ROM: Dual-Speed minimum (Quad-speed or faster recommended)
Audio requires PCM Soundboard
Harddisk Space Requirements TBA
Note that Gainax makes no assurances that this game will run on WindowsNT or Windows emulators such as SoftWindows. Also, you will need a system capable of playing Roland SC-88 Standard MIDI Files for best enjoyment of the music files. Play may be slowed by use of software MIDI sources for music playback instead of hardware.
(C) GAINAX, Project Eva, TV Tokyo (C) 1999 GAINAX