Do unto others as they do unto you. That's the way to get ahead in this game.
More people have likely heard of 7-Up and Rich Man, Poor Man than have heard of American Page 1 (especially outside Japan, at least by that name--MH). Players lay cards on the discard pile which match the top card by either rank or suit, but Reverse, Skip and other special cards make the game more complicated and interesting. (Translator's note: this card game became the basis for Uno.--MH)

Two different versions of the game are included.
The game comes with a Tournament Mode, in which you choose your favorite character and play him off against all comers, and a Freestyle Mode, in which you pick and choose the characters you want to play against. In addition, different areas of Japan have different rules for playing this game, and we have included two sets of variations: American Page 1 and Page 1. The rules differences themselves are slight, but they require completely different strategies.

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