It all starts on a winter day, around noon. The sun is high in the cloudless sky and there is about six inches of snow on the ground. The air is frozen.

We, masked and huddled up in jumpers and coats, are sitting by the frozen lake. Janus fends off the ducks with bread while Artaxerxes takes a small toffee-hammer out of his pocket and attempts to break the ice. He's successful on the fifth attempt and produces a little hole of wind-whipped water about eight feet away from one of the broken fountains.

The two of us take a little plastic bag full of lost dreams (dreams are like drugs, you keep on coming back for more even when you're scarred beyond all recognition) and we pour them into the lake. It freezes over again almost immediately.

The months speed by, and soon it is spring. The world changes colour and the sky clouds over with april fog. The fields are springing back into life and we sit in them and feel the nearest we can to happiness. Then burning summer comes, forcing us to take refuge in the shade of puritan morality and the depths of the sea; then autumn's bloodclot skies and reddened saddening trees; then back to winter and the lake, where one solitary duck stands and looks down disbelieving at his own reflection in the ice and sodium tubes throw harsh light through windows closed tight against the cold.

The Thrusting Sensations' album "Abandoned" has recently been released on triplet; a sample track, "Autumn (1)" can be found here. A single will also be released soon. Photos: Masked and afraid. Photos: Lost and electrified.