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Sefer Gilgulim - ספר גילגוּלים

written by Rabbi Chaim Vital

1543 - 1620 ( yarzheit 30th Nissan 5380 ) Buried in Damascus - Syria , he lived in Israel sefad and in Syria . A pupil of the Ari, he was respected worldwide both ashkanazic and sefardic jews alike . Reb Chaim Vital was the author of many Kabbalist, Talmudic and Biblical works including Etz Chaim (Tree of Life) on Kabbala, and Lekutai Torah (Gleanings of Torah) . He had sole possession of the Ari's writings, and most of our knowledge of the Ari's life and teachings are from Reb Chaim Vital.

But without doubt the most famous and profound book he wrote was Sefer Gilgulim the Book of re-incarnation ....ספר גילגוּלים.



The Index Page of

Reb Chaim Vital , a history of Reb Chaim Vital

Introduction to our website and brief explanation of Sefer Gilgulim

Summary of Reb Chaim Vital's Sefer Gilgulim

Contact & Links page , how to contact Reb Moshe and Reb Yehonosson if you have questions , together with useful links to some excellent websites connected with reincarnation and famous Rebbes .

The Hebrew Section - בלשוֹן הקוֹדש

The Hebrew Questions & Answers Page with all the sources quoted , from the specific pages of Reb Chaim Vital's Sefer Gilgulim and other Seforim such as Kav veYosher and Tana Devei Eliyahu .

יסוֹדי התוֹרה בגילגוּלים ליהוּדים חשוּב מאד בלשוּן הקוֹדש Special page for Jewish souls .

Hebrew בלשוֹן הקוֹדש

Hebrew2 בלשוֹן הקוֹדש

Hebrew3 בלשוֹן הקוֹדש

Hebrew4 בלשוֹן הקוֹדש

Hebrewstories בלשוֹן הקוֹדש

Shaargilgulim בלשוֹן הקוֹדש

The English Section

As we have discussed in the introduction page, we have written this website as a very basic, straight-to-the-point insight and explanation of reincarnation . According to the teachings of Reb Chaim Vital , the Sefer Gilgulim , was written as a practical guide to help each and every person along their pathway in life . To rectify and purify their soul from mistakes of a previous lifetime, in order to elevate ones individual soul and thereby elevating the spiritual essence of the whole world, as we are all connected . According to all famous Jewish Rebbes of our generation, all of our souls born after the Second World War are accepted to be reincarnated souls .

Hence the inner spiritual belief of our generation more than in any other generation , to accept reincarnation as an accepted fact of life . Conversely there is a generation gap of rigid traditionalists as in most religions, who still refuse to accept any spiritual awareness of reincarnation . Even great Rabbis like Rebbe Reb Yehonosson Eibeshitz had great difficulty convincing German Jews 260 years ago that there was a Spiritual world .

The purpose of this website is NOT to convince people of reincarnation , but it is a spiritual guide, as given to us by Reb Chaim Vital 440 years ago, to guide those souls who already instinctively know there is reincarnation, because they are reincarnated souls .

There is therefore, the need to understand certain basic principles and spiritual laws of reincarnation . That is the purpose of this website . Once you have read and understood the basics, according to Reb Chaim Vital , who wrote this book 440 years ago, he guarentees that once your soul is opened up to this knowledge, then together with your guardian angels, you will learn even more by yourself, through your own intuition .

The Chapters of the book , are called GATES , as learning, developing and refining ones soul, enables you to open the locked gates of spirituality and of knowledge .


Here is the Index to our English Pages in two sections :-


Basic spiritual laws and understanding .

The Soul , an explanation to the 5 levels contained within each and every persons soul., Nefesh , Ruach , Neshoma, Chaya and Yechida .

Birth & Death , the cycle of life and the journey of the soul .

Guardian Angels , understanding that every person has at least 2 guardian angels throughout their journey in this life .

Purpose of life , understanding our journey in terms of a "bigger picture" , this world is simply a learning school and transition for our soul .

Test & Problems , understanding events that happen in our life , in terms of physical events reflecting a spiritual occurence .


SECTION TWO - Sefer Gilgulim - Understanding Reincarnation .

Who are you ? , trying to understand whom you are , and how to find out your personal souls indentity.

Your Soulmate , understanding that you came to earth to be with your soulmate, everyone has a destined soulmate, your job is to find your soulmate . Every living creature on earth is only a half of one whole . Every man has his destined woman, and conversely every woman has her destined man . NO ONE is to remain single, this is NOT natural and therefore of utmost importance for each person to complete the tasks they need to complete as a single person for a TIKUN haGILGUL ( means to clear the past life's situations that need correcting) , and then find one's TRUE soulmate , and NOT someone else's GOD forbid .

Your home, everyone on earth as a specific place where there soul belongs , by being in that place on recieves ones soul and hence physical nourishment one needs to live . As a reincarnated soul , one is not always born in the place of one's true place . It is your job to find that place, by clearing the obstacles out of your life , healing your soul and succeeding to arrive in your true home where one receives the maximum "YENEEKA MILMALE" יניקה מלמעלה soul sustenenance from spirit world . Otherwise the only other time one can connect with this place is whilst sleeping and travelling there in "sleep state" to recharge your depleted energies.

Your purpose , the moment you are born , you are possessed with a sense of searching . Indeed, searching for your pathway in life and finding a sense of purpose .

Signposts , explanation that everything that happens in yoru life , happens for a divinely orchestrated reason , in order to help you .

The Key of life, an understanding how to help you find the key of your life, which will unlock closed doors in your life .

Success , identifying when you have really succeeded in learning your lessons in life , and when you have risen to higher levels spiritually .

Two Pathways, an explanation of accepting that we have a freewill choice in life , and sometimes there are two correct pathways to the same result .

Side-tracked , an explanation to understanding the difference of being on a destined pathway and being completely side-tracked .

Prepare for the next life , understanding the cycle of life , and refining oneself in this life is a preparation for spirit world and the next cycle of life .



Over the next few months by Summer 2005 we shall be adding more pages to our websites, with explanations from Reb Chaim Vital writings . Including dedicated websites to the Book of Change - Sefer Shinuyim , and Sefer Tikunim - The book of Corrections .

We also give FULL PERMISSION to copy, use and print any part of our website , provided you quote in the name of the Famous Reb Chaim Vital and his Sefer Gilgulim .



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