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Source:, 12/13/04.

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12:00pm ET, 12-August-03

 Fleck Romances Carnivale

John Fleck, who plays lizard boy Gecko on HBO's upcoming supernatural series Carnivale, told SCI FI Wire that his character's arc in the first five episodes is a romantic tragedy. "The first five are establishing my relationship with this young girl played by Amanda Aday," Fleck said in an interview. "We get this friendship going, establish a friendship, and something terrible happens. There's that arc, kind of fun, fun, fun, then ooh, scary, tragic."

Fleck endures more than 10 hours of makeup to transform into Gecko, a man with a condition that leaves his skin looking like alligator hide. "On my face there's probably seven or eight pieces that they glue down," he said. "It's four hours for the face and the hands. But when I do the full body, it's 10 or 11 hours in the makeup. Then it's about another three or four hours [to take it off]. [I have] lots of 3 a.m. makeup calls."

The character embraces his odd appearance and even mutilates himself to look more like a lizard, Fleck said. "He slit his tongue, so it really gives him a lizard effect, and he clipped his ears off to give a very reptilian look," he said. Carnivale premieres Sept. 14 at 9:30 ET/PT on HBO.

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