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Had enough of Joe Lieberman playing both sides of the aisle? Sucking up to Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly on FoxNews? Talking down to other Democrats as if he and his Republican buddies have some sort of monopoly on moral authority.
Lieberman supported Bush needless war and to this day, defends Bush's dishonest and flawed Iraq policies.
Even during the 2004 Presidential election, Lieberman praised Bush, while chiding John Kerry.
And who can forget his comments about Abu Ghraib, made only worse by his endorsement of Mr. Torture Made Legal, Alberto Gonzales? Then there is "The Kiss", when, after the annual State of the Union address, George Bush so quickly embraced his DINO friend, Joe, on national TV!
But of course these things happen naturally with a politician who has long since forgotten those that brought him to power.
Joe no longer works for us, but works for big Energy, Defense and Finance Corporations.  The same Corporations that are making a killing
from Bush's and Joe's illicit war.
Joe is more popular among CT Republicans than he is among CT Democrats. The other side absolutely loves him! Is there anything more to be said?   Now, He's even selling us out on social security!
CT deserves better. And across this great wide country, all those Democrats who have fought for the Party of the People, well, they deserve better, too!
It's not a litmus test. It's not a purge. Instead it's a stand for basic Party loyalty, and some limits to behavior. Like issue #1, DON'T SUCK UP TO REPUBLICANS on NATIONAL TV!.

Let's give the Left-Hating, War-Hawking, Bush-Kissing, Neo-Con, Torture Apologist the primary he deserves.

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Who Are We?

We are nothing more then a bunch of true blue grassroots Democrats who want to make sure that Joe Lieberman-DINO does not return to Washington after 2006.

We are forming a GO-Mentum PAC and will be taking donations soon, keep us bookmarked and vist for details.

Does Republican Senator George Allen know something about Joe Lieberman's loyalty (or lack there of) to Senate democrats that we don't?


ROBERTSON: I know I do, and I think many others do. I cannot believe Harry Reid (D-NV) is pulling this stunt. Do you really think they will walk out? What will that do to them? I am abandoning my responsibility, and I will walk out, I will pick up my marbles and go home? It’s like a petulant little child.

SEN. ALLEN: One, they should have learned from the last election. We picked up four seats, one of which was the chief architect, the chief obstructionist, Tom Daschle, of this sort of obstructionist role of the judges. I think that some senators, like Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Joe Lieberman (D-CT) are not going to go along with it. They have brought forth threats of not cooperating, and that is why we ought to cower and be timid. I don’t think we ought to be cowering and timid about this, I think we need to go for it. They say they will not cooperate. My view is, what is the difference? They have not helped us on exploring the north slope of Alaska or the budget, they are not going to help on strengthening Social Security or tax cuts. So what is the difference? I think we need to call their bluff. But most importantly, it needs to be done now, and this month. Because, in the event there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court, we do not want to go through all of this in the midst of a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

Give Joe Liebermans office a call and ask him if this is true: (202) 224-4041


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