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April 9, 2005 Top entries from 04/08/2005!
Posted by: P-Bot  
Hello NG-fans! P-Bot here, with today's hottest games and movies submitted to the Portal:
  1. The Child That Smelt Odd, by Doki (also known for Salad Fingers)
  2. Massacre : RB2, by Snakejohnson
  3. Half Life Thr33, by TheBlueOrange
  4. Hunter - Nin Episode 1, by Katsu2g
  5. Pre-Genius 1, by -Puzz-

We also have new submissions by the following popular artists:
Bezo, Bluebaby, Chris_Vassilico, FoxyBrain, gasthatsmells, InoMan, jmcearth, Killerratte, KupaMan, maxio, StrangeClock, The_Great_Jon and _Mithrandir_

What does everyone think of these new submissions?

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April 8, 2005 Out with the old, in with the new..
Posted by: The_Super_Flash_Bros  
of Super Flash Bros Site  
Hi all,

Its been a long time in the making, but thanks to the easter break, we've finally finished our new site!

In case you didn't know, our old one was pulled after new administration took over Tom's college server where it was hosted before. However, thanks to the generosity of one of our viewers, we got a great hosting deal from nextdesigns.net and so we could get our site back up.

We decided to make it bigger and better than before. There are now some fantastic flash tutorials by Dim, loads of exclusive content such as games and art, previews of our upcoming work and all of our lovely fanart, as well as links to our shops, profiles and the latest SFB news. Go check it out!


As for our flash work, Decline 3 is coming along nicely, TSAH2 is looking great and PK:Game is as exciting as ever.

Thanks for all the support we've been getting, its great to hear from you all. Keep sending fanart to flashbros@hotmail.com.

See ya,

Tom & Dim

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sonic233 sez: I hope u like my reviews,Thanks!

April 8, 2005 Stolen Flash
Posted by: WadeFulp  
Some of you may have noticed the Daily 1st prize went to a stolen submission. Unfortunately this happens from time to time. I have terminated the user's account who submitted work that wasn't his own. Let this be a warning to anyone who thinks they are doing people a favor by submitting other people's work. If you email me and whine about me deleting your account for this offense you'll simply get a reply from me with a big F U!

This person submitted a high quality Flash and stole someone else's chance at the 1st place award. To the user who did this, you are scum and there are thousands of our users that would love to line up and have a turn kicking you in the groin!

Did I mention we sell really cool Newgrounds.com tank logo stickers?!? You can get FIVE high quality, water proof, UV proof, 4x4 inch, stickers for $1.00! Order as many as you want! If you order enough you maybe listed on our Top 50 Sticker Orders list!

BTW, I will be updating sticker stats today from some of the recent orders.
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April 2, 2005 Network Re-configuration
Posted by: liljim  
Just a very quick note (I don't mean to bump Tom's thread down in the news listing). Tomorrow is going to be hectic, given that Tim plans on re-configuring the site network and Tom is flying into the UK. We expect downtime of around four hours (although we will strive to reduce the downtime). Don't be surprised if the site goes down for a few hours at around 8am EST!
118 Comments (Page: 2 3 4)
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April 2, 2005 Flying to England
Posted by: TomFulp  
In a few hours I'll be flying out to England, where I'll be staying with James and visiting with our European publisher for Alien Hominid. I'll be back in Philly on April 8th! In the meantime, I will be checking email very sporadically - people who email me while I'm out of town are most likely to not get a response, since I get extremely backed up while I'm traveling.

When we won three awards at the Independent Game Festival, each award came with a PSP. I have one of them with me and I'm excited to play Lumines on the plane (I got totally hooked at the Gamespot office). However, I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to find any spare PSP batteries this past week; none of the stores I went to carried them. I was wondering if there is a Sony camera battery that might be universal, but no one at EB or Best Buy knows about that sort of thing and I never bothered doing any on-line research. I wish Sony had made spare batteries more readily available since the PSP won't last the entire flight on a single battery. I should spend some time reading anyway, though.

Unlike the Vegas trip, I'll try to take a lot of pictures this time out and put together a page with highlights from the trip!
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April 1, 2005 Monthly Vote!
Posted by: TomFulp  
It's that time of the month again, Numagrounders! For the next four days, the top 2,000 users (as well as the mods and the nominees) can log in to their Grounds Gold accounts and vote for their five favorite submissions of the month. The five best submissions will each receive $250, a certificate and a NG t-shirt!

All the information about the panel of judges is here. When you log in, you will see if you are eligible!
165 Comments (Page: 2 3 4 5 6)
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