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    Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie
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Hellbilly Deluxe

08/25/1998 3:00 AM, Yahoo! Music
Rob O'Connor

Yeah, this guy needs a solo album. Essentially, he got the chance to work with a bunch of people not in his band White Zombie (including Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, who has on occasion mistaken his wife Pamela Anderson for a drum) and he'd written enough material to moonlight, so here we are. Subtitled "13 Tales Of Cadaverous Cavorting Inside The Spookshow International," Hellbilly Deluxe is an excessively heavy (the best kind), meticulously produced piece of parodic gore-flick metal. The kind of stuff that would be proud to call itself crap with a capital C. "Demonoid Phenomenon," "Superbeast" and "Return Of The Phantom Stranger" suggest Mr. Zombie holds a joint account somewhere with Mr. Lucifer himself. And while there are times when this sort of B-movie shtick seems positively old-fashioned (Black Sabbath 1970, Misfits 1982, my friend), the mega-production in which dive-bomb rhythms are king refresh things enough for those looking to keep the faith. Me? I think I hear the MacNeil-Lehrer Report calling. Have fun, kids!

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