Projects based on the E-mu/Ensoniq PARIS system

Paris VST EQ

The Paris VST EQ is a 4-band stereo parametric VST equaliser plugin utilising the same algorithm as the E-mu/Ensoniq Paris system. It offers the same musicality and quirkiness as the original including soft-limiting, grungy distortion ability, and resonant behaviour under certain conditions.

Previously only accessible to those who owned the Paris custom DSP hardware, this unique EQ is now available to all PC DAW users. Paris users will also appreciate finally being able to have the same high quality EQ available on both native and card submixes.

Downloading the plugin

The latest version of the plugin can be downloaded from here - (NEW! V1.1 20/4/03).

The Paris VST EQ is donationware. This means that you are not required to pay for it, but I ask that if you find it useful, you make a small contribution to help pay bills and encourage future development. Whatever amount you think it is worth, it will be gratefully accepted, and everyone making a donation will be automatically notified of new releases.

Please click the button below to make a donation through PayPal (accepts major credit cards).

NOTE: The button above should take you directly to a donation page with my account details filled out. Apparently it stopped working correctly a couple of days ago due to PayPal reorganising their site, but it should now be working again. Thanks.

Does it sound the same?

The aim was to make this plugin as close to the original as possible. This includes:

The plugin is true enough to the original that so far no tester has been able to tell them apart. With most settings the two will cancel almost perfectly when one is phase-reversed and summed with the other.

Paris EQ screenshot





Thanks to Marc Girard who did most of the interface graphics, and Chuck Duffy for obtaining the Paris source code.

TODO list

Add support for higher sample rates.

Although seemingly inaudible, there are some minor differences in the output produced by this plugin compared to the original. If there is enough demand I'll try and perfect the emulation further. Likewise, if there is sufficient demand a Mac port is not out of the question.

Graphical EQ curves, like in Paris Pro 3.0, are also on the list of possible future additions.



The FAQ can be found here.

If you have a VST host program that the Paris VST EQ will not play nice with, please let me know. Given the code kludges required to circumvent bugs in the Paris VST UI system, it's possible that some incompatibilities may result. So far it has been tested and found to work with Paris, Nuendo, Wavelab, Logic, and Cubase SX.

Please also send any comments or suggestions you might have.




Emu/Ensoniq PARIS ASIO driver

As most of you know, Chuck Duffy from the Paris users group has managed to obtain the source code for the Paris drivers. This page contains details of the latest revision of the Skunkworks ASIO-2 driver, which is a rewrite of the original Paris ASIO driver that supports MEC modules, 24-bit recording, and low-latency operation.

Yeah, but what does it do?

With this driver, PARIS owners can use their system as an I/O front end for any application that supports the ASIO standard, including Cubase SX, ACID, Logic, WaveLab, etc.

What stage is it at?

A GUI is being developed to allow configuration of MEC modules and patching, but currently the driver cannot be configured. Any build with changes that are worth releasing will be put up here for download.

The driver currently provides the following features:

How do I get it?

The most recent release can be found in the IDEA.emuensoniqparis-theproject newsgroup at There has not been a beta released in quite a while now, as the priority is currently working on new effects for the Paris on-board DSPs.

Questions/comments? Email Matt