The most common question that we get asked by people as we travel around is ‘Where did the name ‘Phatfish’ come from and what does it mean?’ We have heard all sorts of interesting ideas as to what it might mean. Unfortunately the truth is not hugely exciting and tends to leave the inquirer with a vague air of disappointment, but here goes;

Contrary to most peoples assumptions, the name was not originally intended to have any deep spiritual meaning. In 1993 before the band’s formation, the bass player’s then future wife Rachel gave a novelty key-ring (or key-chain if you’re American) to another friend as a birthday present. It was a small, fat, purple, plastic fish on a chain. In the accompanying card, Rachel wrote ‘Purple Fat Fish sounds like a good name for a band’. So there it is. Later that year as the band formed, the name was remembered and stuck (albeit with a trendy spelling…). Within a year the ‘Purple’ part was dropped. The key-ring is still in our possession and resides on the wall of our rehearsal room.

In recent months we have thought a bit more about the name Phatfish. We have had prophesies indicating that actually it is more than just a chance name. Jesus described lost souls being won as ‘fish’ and obviously the word ‘fat’ indicates abundance and plenty. We see our ministry as being to reach people with the truth and presence of God, and in that sense we are fishermen.

“We don’t want to over-spiritualize what is basically a novelty name, but we are glad that God let us choose a title which fits with our ministry and purpose.”

Official photos of the band are available in the Photo Gallery
Official photos of the band are available in the Photo Gallery