Beautiful Illusions
Every Mon - Fri, 9pm

Fann Wong takes on a dual role in this new suspense thriller; how can you miss it?! Also stars Qi Yuwu, Thomas Ong and Yvonne Lim.

From April 18, every Mon - Fri at 9pm.

Zhou Jiansheng (Thomas Ong) had a difficult childhood. His father was a compulsive alcoholic who lashed out on his wife and children whenever he was on the booze. His mother, Esther wanted to take Jiansheng with her on the day of her escape. However, her husband found out her plan and threatened her with Jiansheng’s life. Esther had no other choice but to just take her younger son Jianwei (Qi Yuwu) with her. Upon her departure, she promised Jiansheng that she would be back for him.

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Jiansheng waited for Esther in vain; he now believes that Esther had truly deserted him. What he didn’t know is Esther had tried to look for him, but his father had hindered her plans. One day, out of desperation, Jiansheng agreed to kill a man, in exchange for his father’s medical expenses.

Jiansheng is released after 15 years of imprisonment. On his first day of freedom, he meets comic illustrator Wang Yixin (Fann Wong), a compassionate and warm-hearted girl who, like Jiansheng, had an unfortunate childhood. Yixin’s father passed away when she was only 7 years old. Her mother suffered from a mental breakdown as a result of her husband’s sudden death. The two lonely souls find comfort in each other’s company, and love soon blooms.

Jiansheng is also reunited with a childhood friend, Lu Xiaofen (Yvonne Lim). Xiaofen not only solves Jiansheng’s lodging problems, she also helps him to set up his own restaurant. Jiansheng is grateful to Xiaofen for being such a wonderful friend, but is oblivious that Xiaofen’s childhood infatuation has grown into love.

Jiansheng’s mother, Esther has since re-married, and is now the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. For years, she tries to locate the whereabouts of Jiansheng, including putting advertisements in newspapers. As Jiansheng was in jail all these years, he did not come across the ad till he was released. He refuses to get in touch with Esther, never giving her a chance to redeem herself.

Jianwei was lucky to escape from his father’s clutches. While Jiansheng had to make ends meet, Jianwei was pampered with luxuries and attention. One day, Jianwei chanced upon a fiery girl, Joe-Ann (Fann Wong in a dual role). Spellbound by her mysterious air and captivating looks, he soon ditches his fiancé to be with Joe-Ann.

The bizarre thing about the two brothers’ new found romance is that both their girlfriends have a strikingly similar physical appearance. No matter how the brothers try to get their girlfriends to meet each other, it would always be in vain. But as Xiaofen soon realizes, the truth is deathlier than it seems…

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