Ron has been in captivity days.
On 16 October 1986, Israeli navigator Lieutenant Colonol ron Arad bailed out of his plane on a mission in Lebanon and was captured by members of the Iranian backed Amal terrorist organization. Since then, Ron has been held captive by several such organizations, all of them extremist Shiite groups, all of them backed by Iran. He has been denied basic rights of POW's as set down in the Geneva convention. The international Red Cross has not been permitted to send or receive letters. While he was not in good health when he was captured, nothing is known of his present state of health, or, for that matter anything else about him. Iran claims to know
nothing of the matter or of ron's whereabouts or condition. This untenable situation has existed now for well over a decade. The facts speak for themselves. But there is more. Ron is strong and he is a survivor, and this knowledge keeps hope alive. Nevertheless, we must not allow ourselves to lose sight of the suffering of Ron himself and of his family. Ron lives in isolation, loneliness and uncertainty, knowing nothing of what has transpired in these years within his loving, caring family. Let's look at his family. There is Batya, his mother, who experienced every day a mother's worst
nightmare: a missing son whose condition is unclear. Is he in good health? Is he warm at night? Does he have enough to eat? Basic worries of any mother' but Batya has no answer. There is Tammy, his loving wife, whose courage personifies the interruption of the lives of a happy, loving couple. There is Yuval, fifteen month old when her father
disappeared from her life, who recently celebrated her Bat Mitzva (at age 12) without her father, whom she knows only from pictures. Ron has not seen her grow from adorable to truly lovely. There are Chen, the elder of his two younger brothers, and his wife Lee, who now have two daughters of their own. And there is David, a mere boy. 17 years old, when Ron fell into captivity, now married to Merav and the father of a baby girl. Ron knows nothing of this. He also knows nothing of the unflagging efforts to gain his freedom.

This unthinkable situation must be stopped. Now! Everyone who is able to do so must join the efforts to obtain basic rights for this brave young man, and ultimately to gain his release. This humanitarian effort must be speeded up. International organizations must do everything possible to call Iran to account and end this tragic situation. No stone should be left unturned, no possibility should be overlooked. We must, everyone of us, join together in achieving this goal.