Ludus Danielis

Ludus Danielis - The Play of Daniel
The Harp Consort - Andrew Lawrence-King
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 77395


    Belshazzar's Feast

  1. Incipit
  2. Prosa
  3. Rex Balthasar
  4. Vasa Templorum
  5. The Writing on the Wall

  6. Mane, Techel, Phares
  7. Conductus Regine
  8. Regina
  9. Danielem querens
  10. Conductus Danielis
  11. Daniel & Balthasar
  12. Solutio
  13. Conductus Regine secundus
  14. Conductus referentium uasa
  15. At the Court of King Darius

  16. Darius Rex
  17. Principes
  18. Legati
  19. Conductus Danielis - In hoc natalitio
  20. Consilarij emuli
  21. O hez!
  22. Daniel adorabit
  23. Daniel in the Lions' Den

  24. Emuli & Darius
  25. Lamentatio Danielis
  26. Ad lacum Leonum
  27. Angelus & Abacuc
  28. Leones
  29. Daniel the Prophet

  30. Daniel Propheta
  31. Angelus
  32. Te Deum

Performers: Harry van der Kamp (Balthasar Rex, legate, lion), Douglas Nasrawi (Daniel Propheta), Ian Honeymoon (Darius Rex, principe), Caitríona O'Leary (Juvenis, Angelus), Jeremy Birchall (Dextra, mage, legate, lion, Abacuc, drone organ), Rodrigo del Pozo (mage, principe, legate, consular), Paolo Fanciullaci (mage, flexis genibus, legate, consular, drone pipes), Barbara Borden (Regina), Stephen Harrold (principe, flexis genibus, legate, consular), Belinda Sykes (lion, Alius Angelus, shawms), Jane Achtman (vielle), Gian-Luca Lastraioli (lute), Peter Maund (percussion, bells), Jane Trewhella (bells), Nicola Kremer (bells), Andrew Lawrence-King (harp, psaltery, organ), Margriet Tindemans (vielle), Steven Player (gittern)

Playing time: 74'

Recording date: April 1997 (St. Bartholomew's Church, Orford)

Ludus Danielis (the "Play of Daniel") is the richest of the medieval liturgical dramas for its sophistication and variety. The manuscript dates from c.1230, although the work is thought to have been performed in the later 12th century at Beauvais Cathedral.

The music is entirely monophonic as written, although there are various choruses and remarks on instrumental accompaniment. The present performance not only improvises various drone-style accompaniments, but even some "real" polyphony in the conductus settings.

Names given parenthentically for performers are voice roles.

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