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The Cure
- a fairly short Ranma 1/2.
Read it. Laugh. Curse you, I said
LAUGH, not groan! >.<

Unmei no Hoshi
- My first complete
story. A  Sailor Moon fanfic set in the
year before the Black Moon ?war.

Tides of Chao
s - Another Sailor Moon
fic I'm working on. Set in the same
universe as Unmei no Hoshi, but
happens MUCH earlier. Takes
place fifteen years after the end of
Sailor Stars.

Quickened - A Buffy/Angel/Highlander
crossover fic, set before, during, and after
Buffy season seven.

Why Sailor Pluto hates The Bet
- A
Ranma mega-crossover. Be  afraid. Be
VERY afraid.

Epigoni - An Angel/Stargate SG-1 crossover,
set post Not Fade Away, and mid season
seven for SG-1.

Original Fiction can be found
here - mostly poems and short stories at the moment.
Youkoso, minna-san!

Welcome to my webpage! The purpose of
this page is pretty much to serve as a host
for the fiction, fan and otherwise, that I
write for fun.

Uploaded chapters 12-18 plus epilogue of
'Quickened,' also uploaded a prologue and
chapter 1 of a new story - Epigoni, an
Angel/Stargate SG-1 crossover.

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