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A Fanfic by ED

by TongueTied

Hi Ladies and Garfields! It's me Ed! If Tonguetied catches me writing a fanfic I'll be locked in a chamber with a bunch of CD players playing Eminem! But I like chocolate so I'm writing one anyway! Here's my fanfic!

Ok, Eddy, Double D and I were doing the best scam on Planet Veggie! We were selling Johnny Bravo action figures! When Eddy said "Ed! Go get Bugs Bunny to buy one of these action figures!" So I got Bugs Bunny to buy an action figure when it said to Bugs "Give me a dollar." This got Bugs mad! So he shoved Cow and Chicken down Eddy's pants and sent us to Disneyworld! We were at the Haunted Mansion so I rode it and someone said "We have 999 Happy Haunts. But there's room for a thousand, any volunteers?" And Eddy said "I want to be a Happy Haunt Mr. That 70's Show guy!" And Double D said "But Eddy you've got a cow and chicken down your pants singing America the Beautiful with Kermit the Frog!" And Kermit said "Play something else kids, The Cat in the Hat is a bad man!" And I said "I heard that before." Then we were in Los Angeles and Crocodile Dundee came. And then he said "Play something else kids! Charlie Brown is a bad man! Then the bad man Charlie Brown came. And he said "Because you said I was a bad man, I'm sending you and the Eds to the Grand Canyon.

So we were in the Grand Canyon with Pinky in the Brain! Pinky told us that Brain was selling hair gel to try to take over the world but it didn't work so Goku and Sakura sent them to the Grand Canyon! Then Pinky said "And once we got here, Brain said Oh ...

Tonguetied: Ed! What did I tell you about writing fanfics?

Ed: That cheese is always twice the fencepost only when Spongebob Squarepants and Alfred E. Neuman are sleeping?

Tonguetied: I'm taking you to the Eminem chamber.

Ed (in Eminem chamber): Will the Eds, Crocodile Dundee, and Pinky and the brain get out of the Grand Canyon? Will Weekly World news make an article about Arnold Jackson? WHO IS THE REAL BAD MAN? Stay tuned al you kiddies and Howard Stern and you will find out!


Hi it's me Ed! This time if Tonguetied2001 catches me writing a fic I'll have to watch George W. Bush's victory speech from when he won the 2000 election! But I don't care! HA HA HA!

Ok, Last time the Eds were trapped in the Grand Canyon with Pinky and the Brain and Crocodile Dundee! Let's see if they escape Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake!

Since Eddy, Double D and I were trapped in the Grand Canyon, Double D pulled out the bat Mark McGwire used to hit his seventieth home run! Then we were in a Hooters in New York City! Bender came! Bender said, "Make 7up yours!" This scared us so we ran! Then we were in CatDog's house! Then the Greasers came! Cliff said, "I work at KFC!" Shriek said, "I am a barf bag on Delta Airlines!" Lube said " Sorry to interrupt your little chat old beans! We were looking for a mixed feline breed and a "mutt" sharing the same body!" This scared us! So we ran! We found Barney the Dinosaur chasing us! Barney said "Play something else kids! I AM A BAD MAN!" So we went to the house the Simpsons live in! Then we found Invader Zim! Zim said "Double D take off your hat!" Double D took off his hat and there was another hat with Dib standing on it! Dib pointed to Zim and said "You are Napoleon Bonaparte!" Then he pointed to Eddy and said "You are Zim because I have a weird name!" So Dib sent Abra out of his Pokeball! Abra teleported the Eds to -

Tonguetied: Ed you are watching that speech!

Ed: Where did the Eds teleport to? Why does Dib think Zim is Napoleon? Why does poop smell bad? How come Goooze is spelled with three os? Who is this Boss Tweed guy from the nineteenth century? In the 1908 presidential election, why did everyone elect that big fat guy called Taft? Do I work at Dairy Queen? Why won't Eddy get an allowance? If Kimi used to live in Japan how did she end up in Paris? Why don't giant fire ants live in Mt. Vesuvius? Only the first question will be answered in the my next fanfic!

~~ TJ be continuED (To be ContinuME) ~~


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