Punky Brüster involves Devin, Adrian White (drums for SYL on Heavy As...) and JR Harder (bass for Ocean Machine). It has a compelling storyline and plot mixed with extra helpings of humour, and is basically a complete punk pisstake.

The CD tells the story of how a cheesy death metal band, Cryptic Coroner, realised the weren't making any money and turned punk.

Their CD, "Cooked On Phonics", reached number 3 in the Japanese charts on release, and is currently available through HDR.


Punky Brüster - Cooked On Phonics
© 1996 Century Media Records/Sony Japan

Devin Townsend (Dr. Skinny) - Main vocals, guitar
JR Harder (Squid Vicious) - Bass
Adrian White (Burns) (Dances With Chickens) - Drums

Additional voices and musicians:
Chris Valago (E. Val Mescal)
Jed Simon (Ace Longback)
Byron Stroud (Stoolie B Flames)
Bob Wagner (Velvet Kevorkian)
and many more...

Song listing:
Recipe For Bait
Fake Punk
Metal Dilemma
Oats, Peas, Beans, & Barley
Wallet Chain
Heinous Anus
Heavy Metal Mama
Crusty’s at the Ivanhoe
Picture Of Myself
The Girls Next Door
Larry’s O
Metal Heads are Punk Rockers*

*Japanese bonus track

All songs written by Devin Townsend. Additional arrangements by Adrian White (Burns)

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