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 Presenting, a new site! 
A lot of things have happened recently, and will continue like this for a while. Most people know about some of these things, others may not. As today is the one year anniversary of the domain, it seems fitting to post this now.

In Mid-March I made the move to a new webhost, a far more reliable one, a webhost which I have never experienced any problems with. Their support is simply outstanding, I haven't had to wait more than 10 minutes for a reply by email, and instant support via live help (this is beginning to sound like an Ad Laughing). My new webhost is To anyone thinking of starting a website, I suggest you use HostForWeb (Remember to include 'cmxmods' as your referrer Wink).

I renewed for another year, and registered a new domain, until 2007. Currently all you will find at is a downloads page for the Ultimate Quiz MOD (v0.6.6, for those of you playing at home Wink)

However, has taken a turn, in the near future, no matter where you go on CricketMX, you will remain logged in. Basically, everything will be integrated into the forum, including Lyrics, that will be the last to be integrated though.

Currently ( ) is part of the forum, and with that comes a brand spanking new Knowledge Base, currently, in Pre-Alpha stage Wink

I am in the process of transferring all WinMX, BT, and Computer Literacy articles to the KB, hence why some topics have a prefix [KB].

Eventually, the Tutorials and Computer Literacy forums will be removed, in an effort to reduce page load time even more (which might I add is exceptionally fast on HostForWeb Very Happy).

Soon, the knowledge base will have a section where you can add your own articles, and allow moderators and the author of the article, to edit or delete the article. All very exciting stuff, brought to you by

Last piece of news, I'll be away on vacation for between 9 - 12 days, starting early next week. Like last time, if you have any major isues, contact either Rat or Grinch about it Smile

Written by battye

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