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Soil Health: Conservation, Cover Crops, and Nutrient Management

Soil is the foundation for creating a sustainable farming system. If the soil is healthy, then the plants and animals that depend on that soil will have the best chance of thriving. These links provide detailed information needed to conserve and improve or maintain soil fertility and tilth

Alternative Soil, Crop, and Pasture Management: Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC)
The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC) is one of several topic-oriented information centers at the National Agricultural Library (NAL). AFSIC specializes in locating and accessing information related to alternative cropping systems including sustainable, organic, low-input, biodynamic, and regenerative agriculture. AFSIC also focuses on alternative crops, new uses for traditional crops, and crops grown for industrial production.
(301) 504-6559

Soil Health Menu, Sustainable Farming Connection
Information on building healthy soil to promote crop-, livestock- and human health is available at this site. Conceived and managed by former staff members of The New Farm magazine, this site will help you tame costs, add value to what you sell and keep you informed of the latest information from the sustainable farming community.

Soil Quality Institute (SQI), Natural Resources Conservation Services, USDA
The SQI identifies soil quality research findings and practical technologies that help conserve and improve soil, and enhance farming, ranching, forestry, and gardening enterprises. The Institute works with researchers, conservationists, and land managers to develop these technologies and make them readily available.
(541) 737-1786

Agricultural Conservation Innovation Center (ACIC)
ACIC develops economically practical solutions to agricultural-environmental problems and makes these rapidly available to farmers and ranchers. ACIC works at the cutting edge of agricultural resource conservation, developing new programs and incentives to help solve the most pressing agricultural-environmental problems that the nation faces. This page discusses their current projects.
(843) 884-6288

Cover Crops for Sustainable Vegetable Production by Debbie Roos
This site draws upon the wealth of information on cover crops to provide a focus on vegetable production, and give farmers an opportunity to apply these new facts and concepts. This resource will help farmers to develop an appropriate cover crop management program for their own farm and become more aware of the benefits and challenges of growing cover crops.
(352) 338-1757

Cover Crop Database, UC SAREP (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program) Online
The UC SAREP Cover Crop Database includes over 5,000 items gleaned from more than 600 separate sources, including journal articles, conference proceedings, standard textbooks, unpublished data, and personal communications from researchers and farmers. The information in the database concerns the management and effects of more than 32 species of plants usable as cover crops. More than 400 different cover crop images are also available for viewing online.
(530) 752-7556

Organics Outlook, California Integrated Waste Management Board
This site offers information on composting, mulching, grasscycling, and other topics related to the management and use of organic resources.
(916) 341-6000

Measurements, Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA)
This page offers measurements, conversion units & calculations useful to farmers.
(800) 346-9140

JG Press Online
This site offers access to current and archived articles from these three magazines: BioCycle, Journal of Composting & Recycling; In Business, Creating Sustainable Enterprises & Communities; and Compost Science & Utilization
(610) 967-4135


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