Statement on Copyright of DebianWiki Contents

The copyrights of all material on DebianWiki are held by Michael D. Ivey, each author, the authors' employers or the current copyright holder.

Michael Ivey and DebianWiki do not claim ownership of the words you write.

By submitting your words to DebianWiki, you are

  • granting us permission to publish them,
  • granting others permission to modify, adapt, edit, and delete them,
  • and granting all visitors via the World Wide Web permission to view, link to, reference, print personal copies of, and otherwise make Fair Use of them.

DebianWiki and Michael Ivey take no responsibility for verifying authorship of anything submitted to DebianWiki.

Statement by Michael Ivey about copyrights and Wikis

I believe that Wikis are like bathroom walls. I own the bathroom (server) and I invite everyone who would like to participate to scribble on the walls. You own your words, but I still own the wall. I can take the wall down, erase some or all of your words, take a picture of the wall, and do just about anything else I want to the wall, because I own it.

But I can't own your words.