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Detroit Area Transit Systems


Before you leave:

Please be aware that transit service in the Detroit area isn’t as extensive as in other major cities.  In addition, information is hard to find.  Very few busses have schedule racks and almost no information is posted at stops.  Bus service can be very infrequent, especially on SMART, even on major corridors.  To avoid extensive waits, print out whatever schedules and maps you will need before you leave; or have the schedules mailed to you by calling 313-962-5515.  The SMART hotline and downtown office is open should you need it from 6:30am until 6pm Monday-Friday.  In any case, if you can get online you should always be able look up what you need on this site.


Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Travelers can cross over the Detroit River to Windsor on the Transit Windsor Tunnel Bus.  Service is available 7 days a week.  Consult the Transit Windsor website for schedule and route information.


Transit Windsor Website


Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Traverse City

Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Traverse City, and Lansing all operate their own bus systems.  Travelers can get between these cities by using Greyhound.  Additionally, service is available between Detroit and Ann Arbor on AMTRAK.


Ann Arbor Transportation Authority

Grand Rapids Interurban Transit Partnership

Kalamazoo Metro

Capital Area Transportation Authority (Lansing)

Bay Area Transit Authority (Traverse City)

Muskegon Area Transportation System



In addition to Greyhound, travelers may reach Flint by using MTA, the Mass Transit Authority of Flint, from select locations in Auburn Hills, including the Great Lakes Crossing Mall.  For schedule and stop information, call MTA at 810-767-0100.



Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)

Metro Airport is located in Romulus and is a major service point for many major airlines, especially Northwest.  Metro is served by SMART routes 125 and 285 near the lower level of the L.C. Smith Terminal.

Click here for more information on transit from the airport.


Detroit City Airport (DTX)

Detroit City Airport is served by SMART routes 510, 560, 530.  For service by D-DOT, please call 1-888-DDOT-BUS.



Stations are located in: Detroit, Southfield, Pontiac, Wayne, and Royal Oak.



Greyhound Website



Stations: Located in Detroit, Dearborn, Pontiac, Birmingham and Royal Oak

AMTRAK Trains in the Detroit area originate in Chicago and provide service 3 times daily in each direction.


AMTRAK Website


AMTRAK Dearborn:

16121 Michigan Ave

5 blocks West of Greeenfield Rd.

Busses serving Amtrak Dearborn:

200- Michigan Avenue between Downtown Detroit and Ford Truck Plant (Newburgh Road)


AMTRAK Pontiac:

1600 Wide Track Dr

1 Block NW of Woodward/Pike St.

Near Greyhound Pontiac, Phoenix Center

Busses serving Downtown Pontiac:

450- Woodward Ave - Pontiac is at the end of this route from Detroit/Ferndale/Royal Oak/Birmingham

275 – Telegraph Road - Pontiac is at the end of this route that serves Bloomfield, Franklin, Southfield, Redford, Dearborn, Inkster, and Taylor.

756 Perry/Opdyke

752 Oakland Ponte/North Hill Farms

753 Baldwin/Great Lakes Crossing

       Transfer at Great Lakes Crossing to Flint MTA (810-767-0100)


AMTRAK Royal Oak

Royal Oak Transit center, Downtown Royal Oak

201 S. Sherman Dr.

Just a few blocks West of Main St, South of 11 Mile; Located between Lafayette and Washington

Busses serving Royal Oak Transit Center:

53 – DDOT Woodward Avenue route between Royal Oak and Detroit

430 – Main Street/Big Beaver between Royal Oak Transit Center and Somerset Mall

450 – Woodward Ave between Pontiac and Detroit.  Select trips via Somerset Mall in Troy.

460 – Woodward Ave between Somerset Mall in Troy and Detroit.

465 – Woodward Ave Limited between Auburn Hills and Detroit

730 – Ten Mile between Eastland Center (Harper Woods) and Telegraph Rd (Southfield)

740 – Twelve Mile between Macomb Mall and Haggerty (Farmington Hills)


AMTRAK Birmingham:

On Eaton Street, South of Maple (15 Mile)

Transit: 2 block walk to Maple Road, served by bus routes:

780- Monday-Saturday Service on Maple Road (15 mile)

         West to Orchard Lake Road (AMC Theatre)
         East to Harper, then to Macomb Mall via Masonic

         Also served: Orchard Mall, Somerset Mall, Oakland Mall

465- Weekday Commuter service to Auburn Hills-Somerset in the Morning and to Detroit-Birmingham-Royal Oak in the Evening

460- Busses run about every hour between Somerset and Downtown Birmingham-Royal Oak- Detroit, select trips on Saturdays to Pontiac/Summit Place Mall

Dial-A-Ride- Demand response curb-to-curb service in the defined area (Mainly Troy), call 248-362-3436 for more information


AMTRAK Detroit:

On Michigan near Grand Avenue

Served by D-DOT #53 (24 hour service)- Woodward Between Downtown Detroit and State Fairgrounds, with select trips to Downtown Royal Oak.

and SMART Routes:

440: A few Morning/Evening trips on Woodward Ave from Downtown Detroit through Royal Oak, into Birmigham to Bloomfield Hills (Maple (15 mile)/Telegraph)

450:  Woodward Ave from Downtown Detroit, through Ferndale, Royal Oak, and Birmingham to Pontiac.  Select Saturday trips go to Somerset.

460:  Woodward Ave from Downtown Detroit through Downtown Birmingham, to Somerset via Maple & Coolidge.

445/475:  Limited stop weekday commuter service to Downtown Detroit in the mornings, and to Troy Civic Center on route 475 and Maple/Telegraph on 445 in the evenings

410:  Service between Downtown Detroit and Northland Mall area in Southfield

465:  Limited Stop Weekday Commuter service to Auburn Hills in the morning and to Downtown Detroit in the evening.

495:  Route travels between Downtown Detroit and Oakland Mall via Woodward and John R.


Additional D-DOT Routes may serve the area, please consult DDOT for more information.



If you will be depending on mass transit to get around the area, we recommend the following areas:



Using Transit in Detroit?



Need help using transit to get around the Detroit area?

·        Call SMART’s Hotline at 313-962-5515.  Open Monday-Friday, 6:30am-6pm.  SMART’s service representatives have the most current & accurate information and are trained to help you get where you are going.

·        Send an e-mail to the webmaster of this site.  An attempt to accurately answer your questions will be made within 24 hours.  The webmaster of this site is not an employee, contractor for, or otherwise affiliated with SMART.

1.     The exact location of where you are starting (Address and City, or Major landmark, or Major Intersection and city)

2.     The exact location of where you are going to (Address & city, or major landmark, or major intersection & city)

3.     What day of the week you will be traveling

4.     When you will need to arrive OR when you want to leave

5.     When and if you will be returning

6.     How far you are willing/able to walk


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