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Does your company deploy pre-configured servers to remote locations? How will you know if another administrator has reconfigured your server? What about malicious hackers, disgruntled employees or even worse, untrained employees with administrative passwords?

Working as an IS auditor, over the years I've had the pleasure(?) of re-inventing applications for some pretty fussy clients. The most popular being a baseline system integrity and monitoring application similar to Tripwire but designed more for administrators with a limited UNIX knowledge. Many of those applications are owned solely by the author and are now freely available for public usage under the GNU license. Some of those products made available so far include:

  • FCheck - Intrusion detection and Policy enforcement / auditing software for Unix & Windows NT/9x/3.x platforms.
  • Finddups - Find duplicate files regardless of renames across filesystems using MD5 hash function.
  • Shadmrg - Run crack in HP/UX, SCO, and others running trusted computing environments. (I.E. /tcb/files/auth/[a-z]/loginname)
  • TivScan - Port scans used for good. Determine who is running Tivoli agents.
These tools are free of charge for download and include full source code provided the authors name remains in the source. Take your time looking around and contact me if you have any questions.

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