Spin Entertainment, Mainframe Entertainment and Cosgrove Hall Films Ink Co-Development Deal for ‘BEAT FREAKS’

Monday 11 October 2004

--Spin Entertainment, Mainframe Entertainment and Cosgrove Hall Films announced today at the MIPCOM Television Market a joint development agreement in which Cosgrove Hall Films will jointly develop the Spin-created “BEAT FREAKS” 26 half-hour animated series. Mainframe Entertainment serves as a distributor on the Series and will be selling international rights through IDT Entertainment Sales (IDTeS). Canadian broadcaster Teletoon is developing the show with Spin Entertainment.

“BEAT FREAKS” tells the story of a group of tween monsters that inhabit the conservative suburb of Sprawley. The monsters include Deloris Deadhead, her Dad’s version of a Frankenstein monster, Denis the Demon, who has trouble threatening a fly, and a host of other misfit monsters. Together they form a band and realize that it’s ok to be creative kids in a dull world.

Lee Marriott of Cosgrove Hall Films commented, “We were attracted to the originality and design of BEAT FREAKS and look forward working with Spin and Mainframe to create a series that will undoubtedly appeal to a worldwide audience.”

Norm Stangl of Spin Entertainment added, “Cosgrove Hall brought us a fresh perspective to the initial concept of the show and we’re excited to have a company of their creative excellence on board.”

The Series is expected to launch in the fall of 2005. IDT Entertainment Sales is handling international sales rights to the Series.

About Cosgrove Hall Films

Cosgrove Hall Films is Europe’s largest and most prolific animation company and one of only a few in the world with the ability to produce all three types of animation (Drawn/2d, Stop-Motion Puppet, CGI) under one roof. Created in 1976 by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall the company has gone from strength to strength and remains a leader in the art of animation. Sales to over 100 countries have confirmed the worldwide appeal of Cosgrove Hall productions as has a constant accolade of national and international awards. Over the years Cosgrove Hall has become one of the world’s premier studios producing hundreds of hours of animation. From classic programmes like DangerMouse, Chorlton and the Wheelies and The Wind in the Willows to the more up to date remakes of Andy Pandy and Bill and Ben right through to the present productions of Engie Benjy (CITV), Postman Pat (Entertainment Rights) and the brand new Fifi and the Flowertots (Chapman Entertainment).

The opening of their subsidiary unit, Cosgrove Hall Digital, has meant continued work within the commercial sector. Combining programmes and techniques such as Flash, 3d Studio Max and Maya, enables the completion of television inserts, music videos, commercials, game animation and web-based dramas such as Ghosts of Albion and Doctor Who for BBCi.   The unit also supports CHF productions with mixes of special effects and CG animation.

About Spin Entertainment

The SPIN GROUP has been producing award winning design, animation and visual effects for the Broadcast and Advertising communities since 1987. Starting with SPIN Productions in Toronto, the SPIN Group expanded in 1996 opening a facility in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1999 SPIN Entertainment was formed to service the Television and Motion Picture marketplace and more recently SPIN opened offices in Vancouver to produce animation and visual effects for episodic television and feature films.

The company has a core team of over 30 employees. In their brief history, they have produced 11 minutes of CG stereo animation for the 3D IMAX feature “Cyberworld”, 80 effects shots in the feature film “Bait” for Castle Rock and Warner Brothers, as well as a six minute animated film for Fort Worth Zoo in the United States. SPIN is currently developing several animated series.

Our vision for SPIN Entertainment is quite strategic:

1)        Establish specialized production units to create and produce a variety of animation styles as a service to the broadcast community.
2)        Develop and produce original programming for the television and film markets.

About Mainframe Entertainment

Mainframe Entertainment Inc. (TSX: MFE), is one of the world's most prolific producers of computer animation for television and direct-to-videos, and is expanding into long-form CGI for feature films, commercials and interactive entertainment. In addition to its production of the award-winning Barbie of Swan Lake direct-to-video feature, a new Popeye CGI primetime television special, and the new Spider-Man animated series, the company created the animation, logo, and branding for the 2003 MTV Movie Awards. The company is best known as the pioneer of computer animated television series for the groundbreaking ReBoot. Mainframe has produced over 240 half hours of computer animation since its inception in 1993. The company employs approximately 240 artists, animators, technicians and production personnel, and has won many prestigious awards of its creative technical innovations, including a Laureate of the 1998 Computerworld Smithsonian Awards. Mainframe is currently in production of a new CGI animated Inspector Gadget DVD feature, as well as a slate of new proprietary television specials and DVD features. Mainframe's majority shareholder is IDT Entertainment. IDT Entertainment is the IDT subsidiary focused on developing, acquiring, producing and distributing computer-generated and traditionally animated productions and other productions for the film, broadcast and direct-to-consumer markets.

About IDT Entertainment Sales/IDT Entertainment

IDT Entertainment Sales is the worldwide distribution unit of IDT Entertainment, is a vertically integrated entertainment concern that develops, produces and distributes proprietary and licensed entertainment content, with a particular focus on high-quality animation. IDT Entertainment is a division of IDT Corporation, (NYSE: IDT, IDT.C), a multinational telecom, entertainment and technology company. IDT Entertainment also owns a minority interest in Stan Lee’s POW! Entertainment. In connection with IDT Entertainment’s investment in POW!, the companies agreed to co-develop and co-produce a minimum of six animation projects for Direct-to-DVD distribution and broadcast. Recently, IDT Entertainment entered into a multi-faceted development, production, and distribution agreement with Todd McFarlane Productions (TMP) to produce animated programming and merchandise based on Spawn and other TMP original intellectual properties.