Book of Concord
  1. Large parts of the Book of Concord can be found at the Wittenberg web site, where a vast amount of online material is available on Lutheranism, past and present.
  2. The Augsburg Confession
  3. Apology of the Augsburg Confession
  4. The Smalcald Articles
  5. Treatise On The Power And Primacy Of The Pope
  6. The Small Catechism
  7. The Formula Of Concord: Part I: Epitome
  8. The Formula Of Concord: Part II: Solid Declaration

Luther's Writings
  1. A good selection of Luther's Writings can be found at the Wittenberg web site.
  2. 95 Theses (Disputation of Doctor Martin Luther on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences)
  3. A Treatise on Good Works
  4. A Brief Description of Luther's Definition of Faith
  5. On Translating
  6. Let your Sins Be Strong: A letter from Luther to Melancthon
  7. The Twofold Uses of the Law & Gospel
  8. The Law & Gospel
  9. On Faith & Coming to Christ
  10. Fragment of Christmas Eve Postil (Luke 2:1-14)
  11. Excerpts from Part III of the On the Councils and the Church
  12. Many Luther Sermons can be found at Evangelical Trinity Lutheran Church
  13. Many Luther Sermons can also be found at Reformation Ink

Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod Documents

  1. Doctrinal Statements (1932)
  2. Human Sexuality
  3. Evangelism and Church Growth (1975)
  4. The Inspiration of Scripture
  5. A Lutheran Stance on Ecumenism (1974)
  6. Theology of the Lord's Supper
  7. Practice of the Lord's Supper (includes discussion of Close Communion)
  8. Reaffirmation of the Synod's Position on  Close(d) Communion (1996)
  9. Women in the Church (1985)
    1. Women in the Scripture: Overview
    2. Scriptural Principles
    3. Guidelines for Practices