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Frederik Pohl

Name:Pohl, Frederik
Born: in USA
Author rating: I need 5 ratings to calculate an average - I currently have 0.
Biography:Pseudonyms: Edson McCann; James MacCreigh; S. D. Gottesman; Dirk Wylie; Robert A. Heinlein; Charles Satterfield; Paul Flehr; Elton Andrews; Paul Dennis Lavond; Donald Stacy; Jordan Park; Walt Lasly; Lee Gregor; Warren F. Howard; Ernst Mason

Born in 1919 in New York, Pohl has been everything one can be in science fiction, including author, editor and agent. One of the original FUTURIANS, he has written many stories and novels on his own and in various collaborations, and under several names. He has also been a prolific anthologist. Among his many awards are the Hugo and Nebula, including the Grand Master. His contributions to SF are unexceeded. Editorial positions: Astonishing Stories: Editor 2/40 to 9/41, Assistant editor 11/41 to 4/43. Galaxy: Managing Editor 6/61 to 6/62, Editor 8/62 to 5/69, Editor Emeritus 7/69 to 6/70. Popular Science: Book Editor 1946 to 1949. Star Science Fiction: Editor 1/1958. Super Science Stories: Editor 3/1940 to 8/1941, Assistant Editor 11/1941 to 5/1943. Worlds of Fantasy #1: Editor 1968. Worlds of IF: Features Editor 7/1959 to 1/1961, Managing Editor 5/1961 to 7/1962, Editor 9/62 to 5/69, Editor Emeritus 7/1969 to 7/1970. Worlds of Tommorrow: Editor 4/1963 to 5/1967. Ace Books: Executive Editor 12/1971 to 7/1972. Bantam Books: Science Fiction Editor 2/1973 to 3/1978.
Serie Title  Copyright year Misc. 
 The Space Merchants1952(0) [D]
 Beyond the End of Time [A]1952(0)
 Tomorrow, the Stars [A]1952(0) [D]
 Shadow of Tomorrow [A]1953(0)
Star Science Fiction Star Science Fiction Stories [A]1953(0)
Star Science Fiction Star Science Fiction Stories No. 2 [A]1953(0)
 Search the Sky1954(0) [D]
 Assignment in Tomorrow [A]1954(0)
Star Science Fiction Star Science Fiction Stories No. 3 [A]1954(0)
 Star Short Novels [A]1954(0)
 Gladiator-at-Law1955(0) [D]
 Preferred Risk1955(0) [D]
 Slave Ship1956(0)
 Alternating Currents [C]1956(0)
 Wolfbane1957(0) [D]
 The Case Against Tomorrow [C]1957(0)
Star Science Fiction Star Science Fiction Stories No. 4 [A]1958(0)
 Tomorrow Times Seven [C]1959(0)
Star Science Fiction Star Science Fiction Stories No. 5 [A]1959(0)
Star Science Fiction Star Science Fiction Stories No. 6 [A]1959(0)
 Drunkard's Walk1960(0)
 The Man Who Ate the World [C]1960(0)
Star Science Fiction Star of Stars [A]1960(0) [D]
 Tiberius [NF]1960(0) [D]
 Turn Left at Thursday [C]1961(0)
 Time Waits for Winthrop, and Four Other Short Novels from Galaxy [A]1962(0)
 The Expert Dreamers [A]1962(0)
 The Abominable Earthman [C]1963(0)
 The Reefs of Space1964(0) [D]
Best Science Fict... The Best Science Fiction from If [A]1964(0)
Best Science Fict... The Best Science Fiction from Worlds of Tomorrow [A]1964(0)
Galaxy Reader The Seventh Galaxy Reader [A]1964(0)
 A Plague of Pythons1965(1)
 A Plague of Pythons/Demon in the Skull (1984)1965(0)
Galaxy Reader The Eighth Galaxy Reader [A]1965(0)
 Starchild1965(0) [D]
 Digits and Dastards [C]1966(0)
 The Frederik Pohl Omnibus [C]1966(0)
Galaxy Reader The Ninth Galaxy Reader [A]1966(0)
If Reader The If Reader of Science Fiction [A]1966(0)
Galaxy Reader The Tenth Galaxy Reader [A]1967(0)
If Reader The Second If Reader of Science Fiction [A]1968(0)
 The Age of the Pussyfoot1969(0) [D]
Galaxy Reader The Eleventh Galaxy Reader [A]1969(0)
 Rogue Star1969(0) [D]
 Day Million [C]1970(0)
 Nightmare Age [A]1970(0)
 Practical Politics 1972 [NF]1971(0) [D]
 The Gold at the Starbow's End [C]1972(0)
 Best Science Fiction for 1972 [A]1972(0)
The Great Years [1] Science Fiction: The Great Years [A]1973(0) [D]
 Jupiter [A]1973(0) [D]
 The Best of Frederik Pohl [C]1975(0)
 The Science Fiction Roll of Honor [A]1975(0)
 Man Plus1976(1) [G]
 The Early Pohl [C]1976(0)
 In the Problem Pit [C]1976(0)
The Great Years [2] Science Fiction: The Great Years, Volume II [A]1976(0) [D]
 Science Fiction Discoveries [A]1976(0) [D]
Heechee Gateway1977(1) [G]
 The Starchild Trilogy1977(0) [D]
 The Way the Future Was: A Memoir [NF]1978(0) [D]
 The Way the Future Was [NF]1978(0)
 SF of the 40s [A]1978(0) [D]
 Science Fiction of the 40's [A]1978(0) [D]
 Like Unto the Locust1979(0)
 The Survival Kit [C]1979(0)
Nebula Awards Nebula Winners 14 [A]1980(0)
 Galaxy [A]1980(0) [D]
 The Great Science Fiction Series [A]1980(0) [D]
 Galaxy: Thirty Years of Innovative Science Fiction [A]1980(0) [D]
 The Cool War1981(0)
 Galaxy Volume 2 [A]1981(0) [D]
 Science Fiction Studies in Film [NF]1981(0) [D]
 Starburst1982(0) [G]
 Planets Three [C]1982(0)
 Yesterday's Tomorrows [A]1982(0)
 Undersea Quest1982(0) [D]
 Midas World [C]1983(0)
 Farthest Star: The Saga of Cuckoo1983(0) [D]
 Undersea City (The Final Book of the Undersea Trilogy)1983(0) [D]
 Undersea Fleet1983(0) [D]
 The Years of the City1984(1) [G]
Heechee Heechee Rendezvous1984(0)
 The Demon in the Skull1984(0)
 Demon in the Skull1984(0)
 Pohlstars [C]1984(0) [D]
 Black Star Rising1985(0)
 The Coming of the Quantum Cats1986(0)
 The Merchants' War1986(0) [D]
 Worlds of If1986(0) [D]
 Tales from the Planet Earth [A]1986(0) [D]
Heechee The Annals of the Heechee1987(0) [D]
 Annals of Heechee1987(0)
 Worlds of If: A Retrospective Anthology1987(0) [D]
 Our Best: The Best of Frederik Pohl and C. M. Kornbluth [C]1987(0) [D]
 The Day the Martians Came1988(0) [D]
 Narabedla Ltd.1988(0)
 Homecoming1989(0) [D]
Heechee The Gateway Trip1990(0)
 The World at the End of Time1990(0) [G]
 Outnumbering the Dead1990(0) [D]
 Stopping at Slowyear1991(0)
 Narabedla, Ltd.1991(0) [D]
 Our Angry Earth [NF]1991(0) [D]
 Mining the Oort1992(0)
 The Undersea Trilogy1992(0) [D]
 Mars Plus1994(1) [G] [D]
 The Voices of Heaven1994(0)
The Eschaton Sequ... The Other End of Time1996(1) [D]
Siege of Eternity The Siege of Eternity1997(0) [G]
 O Pioneer!1998(0) [G]
Siege of Eternity The Far Shore of Time1999(0) [G]
The SFWA Grand Ma... The SFWA Grand Masters, Volume 1 [A]1999(0)
The SFWA Grand Ma... The SFWA Grand Masters, Volume 2 [A]1999(0)
 The SFWA Grand Masters Volume 11999(0) [D]
 The Eschaton Sequence [C]1999(0)
Heechee Beyond the Blue Event Horizon2000(0) [G] [D]
 Chasing Science: Science as Spectator Sport [NF]2000(0)
 Platinum Pohl2001(0)
The SFWA Grand Ma... The SFWA Grand Masters, Volume 3 [A]2001(0)
 The Sfwa Grand Masters2002(0)
 Chasing Science : Science as Spectator Sport2003(0)

(#)=Comments, [C]=Collection, [A]=Anthology, [NF]=Non-Fiction, [G]=coverGraphics, [D]=Description/Note

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