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All the following demo excerpts are MP3 files, compressed at 128k or 160k bit-rates.


Ecco theme

Detention facility excerpt

Boss excerpt

Spooky excerpt

Ethereal excerpt

Excerpts from the new Dreamcast game.

Animation sequence

Crystal Bay excerpt

Lakes excerpt

Eel chase excerpt

Atlantis excerpt


What the press said about the music in Ecco the Dolphin, Defender of the Future...

"...Music maestro Tim Follin has created a fantastic ambient and choral soundtrack that complements the visuals perfectly."

Official Dreamcast Magazine.

July 2000, page 65

"Tim Follin's musical score is inspired, displaying a sensitivity to the title's demeanour too often lost on Western videogame musicians."

EDGE magazine.

June 2000, page 80

"Tim Follin's music does complement the game perfectly... is atmospheric and suits the game it's created for."

DC-UK magazine.

July 2000, page 70


What other people said about the music in Ecco the Dolphin, Defender of the Future...

"I like the bit with the trumpet or whatever."

Clare Jones, personal assistant.

"It wasn't me it was that clown in the mirror..."

Dave Nulty, EtD producer.

"If I catch you eating my flowers again I'll have you arrested."

Local gardener.


Batman and Robin excerpts

All these tunes are my own synthesised arrangements of the original Elliot Goldenthall score for the film.

Used on the Playstation game by Probe / Acclaim.


Main theme ~ Reprise theme ~ 'KingKong' theme ~ End theme


©1997 Miscellaneous Demo excerpts

I reserve all rights and own full copyright to all the following material.

Please don't rip me off! I'm broke! Contact me if you like anything you hear.


Car advert ~ Car advert, 'based' on a Vaughan William's piece...

The Tick ~ Excerpt from a slightly longer piece. (Click here for the long - 2.43Mb - version).

Pump ~ Heavy metal hard thrash hell rock ditty.

Orchestral drama ~ Big, dramatic, sounds a bit like Starwars...

Beach sleaze ~ Hot, cool and sleazy.

Firearm ~ Main theme from an unreleased game based on a Comic.

(Geoff is responsible for 'Swan' - the detective from the comic, who

didn't like being called Firearm. Goodness, what a character.)





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