Math 120 – Math Modeling & Problem Solving I

Instructor:    Mrs. Jane Gower            Office:        L409D (Leatherman Science Facility)
Phone:        office:  661-1592        home:  669-7024

Textbooks:    (1)  College Albegra through Modeling and Visualization, Gary Rockswold, John Hornsby, and Margaret L. Lial, Addison-Wesley Publishers.
   (2)  Student Supplement, William P. Fox and Richard D West, Francis Marion University, FMU printshop.  This supplement contains a detailed syllabus for the course.
Technology:    The new TI-83 Plus graphing calculator will be used extensively in this course and is recommended for your purchase.   Other graphing calculators are acceptable, but you may have to read your own instruction manual for learning to use its different functions.  We will also use other technology such as the Excel program, Microsoft Word, Graph-Link, and Maple on the computers for computations and graphs.  Lab Days will be designated in L407 for introduction to these programs.  All computer programs used are located on campus computers.

Classes:        Section D:  11:30 – 12:20 AM in L307
Office Hrs.:    MW:  2:00-4:00PM        TTH: 2:30-5:00 PM         F: 11:30 – 1:00       
Other times available by appointment.  Students are encouraged to use e-mail for faster responses.

Additional    The instructor is available during office hours and at other times (by appointment) to provide
Resources:    extra assistance with the course material.  Please take advantage of this resource.
Tutors in all subject areas are available in the afternoons in the University Housing.  These tutors are available to you free of charge.  For a list of paid, private tutors, see your instructor or the math secretary (LSF 409).

Regular attendance is required.  Absences should  be used  for emergencies only.  If you miss more than 6 class periods for a MWF class,  you will be withdrawn from the class with your current average.  It is your responsibility to keep up with your absences and to get a copy of class notes and the homework assignments for any days missed.  Class starts on time and students are expected to be prepared for class.  Three tardies will count as 1 absence.

Important Dates:

Jan. 15                Last day to register or drop-add.
Jan. 21                Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Holiday; No classes
Feb.6                  Last day to withdraw from a class with a W (no penalty drop)
Feb. 27                Midterm
Mar. 1                 Spring break begins at conclusion of classes.
Mar. 11               Classes resume.
April 11               Last day to withdraw from an undergraduate course.
                            (Grade is W - if current average is passing;  F - if not passing)
April 22               Last day of class
April 23               Reading Day
April 26               Cumulative Final Exam:  Section D:  11:45 am  – 1:45 pm (Fri.)