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Eric Polak

Home Page:

Roleplaying Game Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
Solusek's Eye (EverQuest) (2003) Sword & Sorcery Studios Cover Artist
EverQuest Game Master's Guide (2002) Sword & Sorcery Studios Interior Artist
Monsters of Norrath (EverQuest) (2002) Sword & Sorcery Studios Interior Artist
Tome of Horrors, The (d20 System (generic)) (2002) Necromancer Games Interior Artist
Jade Dragons & Hungry Ghosts (d20 System (generic)) (2001) Green Ronin Publishing Interior Artist
Waves of Blood (7th Sea) (2001) Alderac Entertainment Group Interior Artist
Otosan Uchi (Legend of the Five Rings) (2000) Alderac Entertainment Group Interior Artist
Ravaged Planet (Brave New World) (1999) Pinnacle Entertainment Group Interior Artist
Lost Angels (Deadlands: The Weird West) (1998) Pinnacle Entertainment Group Interior Artist
Magazine Credits:
Magazine Credit
Dragon #319 (May 2004) Cover Artist
Magazine Article Credits:
Article Credit
"Dark Sun Equipment and Rules" in Dragon #319 (May 2004) Interior Artist
"Defilers of Athas" in Dragon #315 (Jan 2004) Interior Artist
"Monsters from the East!" in Gaming Frontiers #3 (Jun 2002) Interior Artist
"Monsters of Norrath Excerpt" in Game Trade Magazine #32 (Oct 2002) Interior Artist
Short Story Credits:
Story Credit
"Hecate's Ring" (Fantasy) in Dragon #316 Interior Artist
"Kalif's Coffin, The" (Fantasy) in Dragon #318 Interior Artist
"Leper's Hand, The" (Fantasy) in Dragon #314 Interior Artist

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