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B A K E R   H A M I L T O N   B U I L D I N G

"As the ‘pioneer of its kind’ in the area, the building initiated the development of its neighborhood as a manufacturing warehouse district in San Francisco."
Landmark Preservation Advisory Board, 1989

A designated City Landmark, The Baker Hamilton Building was constructed in 1905 for Pacific Hardware & Steel Company. When the building escaped the 1906 earthquake and fire unscathed, Pacific Hardware & Steel enjoyed several prosperous years and became one of the largest hardware firms in the western United States.

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In 1918, Pacific Hardware & Steel merged with Baker & Hamilton (a firm that had been selling innovative agricultural tools since the Gold Rush) to create a company known as Baker, Hamilton & Pacific. This company, whose name later reverted to Baker & Hamilton, occupied the building into the early 1980's.

The Baker Hamilton Building has long been associated with growth and innovation. The building helped initiate the earliest economic development in the South of Market area, and it was here – in the 1930s – that Baker & Hamilton invented its famous "model store," which showed hardware retailers the newest ways of displaying products.

Today, businesses at The Baker Hamilton Building will enjoy its historic charm, fully renovated high-tech office space and spacious floor plates. The Baker Hamilton Building features approximately 210,000 square feet of leasable space in San Francisco’s Multimedia Gulch, where the Bay Area’s most exciting companies are shaping the future of technology, design and communications.


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