Immersive Advertising®

In early 2000, when was in its very early stages, the Company envisioned a new form of advertising to support the growth and development of the website; advertising that would be different from the pervasive, and oftentimes offensive, pop-up and banner ads that were the norm throughout the Internet advertising industry. This new advertising method, which Neopets has trademarked Immersive Advertising, incorporates the advertiser's brand, service and/or message directly into entertaining site content, thereby creating brand affinity with site members, rather than brand rejection that can result from offensive pop-ups and banners. Immersive Advertising is an evolutionary step forward in the traditional marketing practice of product placement used in television and motion pictures. Immersive Advertising permits NeoPets to integrate advertisers' products, services, and brands into highly-customized activities within the website.

Research has shown that, in part due to the diversity and richness of NeoPets' interactive and entertaining content, repeat exposure to these branded Immersive Advertising activities creates a positive and long-lasting brand impression with site members. Neopets' creative professionals customize each Immersive Advertising campaign to showcase the product's unique attributes, to reach effectively the desired target audience.