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20th April 2005
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Actor: Marisa Siketa
Character: Summer Hoyland
Cat: What is your favourite book, TV show and music?
Marisa: Book: I don't have one; Movie: Lion King; TV Show: The Apprentice; Music: Anything on the radio, I'm not too fussed. I like Christina Aguilera though and Beyonce Knowles.
KBC animals rule 100%: I think you are a really good actress! How did you get the part? What is your favourite part of being in Neighbours? Can you give me some advice please, I want to be an actress when I am older?
Marisa: I did auditions for Neighbours and 3 years of acting training before I got the role of Summer. My favourite part is meeting lots of people and getting free things! TIP: Be yourself - surround yourself with good friends and family - and don't stop till you get to the top!
But why has the rum gone: Summer is desperate for a dog on the show, do you have one of your own?
Marisa: Summer IS desperate for a dog - and I am really sad she doesn't have one. I always suggest that I could bring my dog on the show as Summer's dog - but it never works - hehehe. My dog is a Pomeranian Cross Tibetan Spaniel - she is very cute, her name is Midory. Summer would make a great owner, because she has wanted one for so long that I think she would be really excited about having one. And she takes good care of Harvey sometimes, so I think that her own dog would be a pleasure.
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