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20th April 2005
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Actor: Marisa Siketa
Character: Summer Hoyland
DavidB: I would like to know who your inspiration is. I watch the programme nearly every day and I especially liked the party where you had the food fight, it was good fun.
Marisa: My inspiration is my Grandma (I call her Baba) - she is such a good person - and all the hard times she has faced and gone through she has come out with her head held high and with such courage and determination. I am proud to say she is my Grandma. I also think that my Grandpa (my Djede) is my inspiration because of the things that he has been through with my Grandma - I am so proud. The food fight was a mess - but lots of fun, I had sushi and fish in my hair, it took me forever to get out seeing as though I had about 10000 bobby pins in my hair!!
Beckhambecca: I really want to know, has your mate ever stolen your boyfriend in real life? And have you ever been expelled from school?
Marisa: My mate has never stole my boyfriend in real life - and lucky for her other wise she would be in hospital, hahaha! I haven't been expelled from school. But I have had a couple of detentions.
The_wannabe: What do you like about being on Neighbours ? Who is the funniest person in the cast? Do you have a nickname? What are your favourite clothes?
Marisa: I love meeting new people and the fun things I get to do with the storylines. Funniest person: Stephen Lovatt (Max); Nickname: Mischief; Clothes: tracksuits and Jeans with a nice top!
Natalie B's #1 Fan: Do you get along with the older actors as much as you do with the younger ones? Do you find it annoying that your one of the youngest cast members or does everyone treat you the same as everyone else.
Marisa: I get along with everyone equally - except that I probably get along with Kyal (Boyd), Steve (Max) and all the family members - including Lisa Jeffries (Rhiannon Fish) better, but otherwise everyone treats me equal to them, and I do the same. Sometimes it is hard to be younger than everyone, because they always go out and stuff, but I don't mind, I have plenty of time for that.
Crazy_snake_man: Does Summer ever really annoy you? No offence!
Marisa: I don't take any offence - I sometimes do hate some of the things she does, and seeing as though she isn't me I find it fun playing something different. After all that is what acting is all about!
Kutekestrel: Describe your character and yourself in three words.
Marisa: Summer? Funny, Mischievous, Bubbly. Me? Mischievous, Bubbly, Fun!
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