Been Awhile  

Posted on April 14th, 2005. About General.

Haven’t posted in awhile, so get down to the points. Should have some movie reviews up… possible, I want to make a better way to post movie reviews and maybe a ranking system. And maybe even user ranking system — it would be fun i think at least. The two movies I’ve seen recently where After the Sunset and Sin City, I liked the first wasn’t the biggest fan of the second — those are the very very very short ones.

I’d like also to get some picture / album thingy set up… so some things on the horizon and maybe even a theme change. I know I can hear the groans now. So shut-it.

So be on the look out–

Hap’ Birthday Twice  

Posted on April 6th, 2005. About General.

This is my real birthday — and thats all the post I am going to make on it, you can look below for more stuff.

In the news seems to be famous people dying — The Pope, and Mitch Hedberg has also died at age 30, while I am not saying Mitch Hedberg is on the same level as the Pope, he was a good comedian, so that’s nonetheless sad.

Should be going to Sin City soon, so I’ve heard nothing but good reviews, and if you haven’t been watching college basketball you wouldn’t have noticed that hated team Chapel Hill won, which was the one and only team I didn’t want to win. I will not be nice, and a gracious loser, I hate them, with an undying passion so sad to say they won. Oh well good thing I don’t care THAT much about basketball, but this means more people telling me how awesome the ACC is UNC-CH which I think are niether that good… anyway they are a tiny bit better than Dick Vitel, but only a slightly bit.

Lets see, that should really be about all the big pieces of REAL news, haven’t updated the site really - the forum has been really slow and that is that.

For your entertainment read: (figure I should offer you something for your troubles)
Sam and Fuzzy

Happy Birthday… to me!  

Posted on April 1st, 2005. About General.

Well yes, it is the celebration of my birth… 22 years to be exact. Technically it is April 6th and not… April 1st - be aware this is not an April fool’s joke. No it is the real deal, besides this would be a very lame April fool’s joke.

Yes the birthday presents are compiling, the first (and seems like more) from my Fiancée are The Rock (Criterion Collection) from my roommate Raze (technically his mom) I have Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Collectors Edition (I am a sucker) for the Cube.

So more on the way, parents are getting me a nifty blue-clear glass desk, which shall rock! More on the way, I will update with a complete list tomorrow :-D

Besides, you smell…

April Fools

REVISION : ‘Lest my Fiancée kills me

These are the pictures I promised to upload (The date being April 5th, T- 1 day). Anyway here they are.

(click on them for larger pictures)

This is no real order is: DDR Extreme + Konami Controller, super sweet PSTwo, down below from left to right is Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory (Collectors Edition), Bombastic, The Rock (Criterion Collection), The Peacemaker, and Gundam Wing: Operation 8. Peacemaker + Bombastic where presents to myself.

and last but not least:

Chihiro (or Sen) from Spirited Away, Miyazaki master piece and my favorite movie, Laura painted it for me, you can see me in the reflection since I framed it… which was a terrible terrible ordeal oh boy never do I want to do that again, I ruined Raze staple remover in the process.

Almost Complete  

Posted on April 1st, 2005. About General.

Well, my DVD arrived today - a like second birthday present - Gundam Wing Operation 8, which puts me up to 8 DVD’s total (leaving me without Operation 7 and Operation 10, until I have the full complete set of Gundam Wing). So yes, soon after nearly 4 years I will own the entire Gundam Wing set which is sadly more expensive than more DVD TV shows since it is imported and recast.

I have also picked up The Da Vinci Code book (By Dan Brown) it is an interesting thriller/mystery with hints of truth littered with loads of lies. The books entertaining enough but Dan Brown isn’t a very talented writer, he makes up for it with his research and imagination but for thrillers Michael Crichton does ‘em better. So while I am enjoying this book and am nearly done I am saddened by idiotic people who actually might believe there is more truth in there than there really is. I give Dan Brown respect for being able to pull the wools over people’s eye, but I laugh at humanity which is invariably stupid and willing to believe conspiracy theories any chance they get. Whatever, it is an enjoyable book - I still prefer Crichton but hey.

THX 1138 Dir. Cut  

Posted on March 27th, 2005. About Movies.

Well, this is George Lucas’ pinnacle starting out movie. You can see the minor bits that transformed into star wars and how Lucas went pop or something? This movie it a lot more adult than Star Wars was, or really any other film Lucas was involved in. Very interesting. The movie is slow, similar to 2001 Space Odysseys, futuristic and cold with lots of white.

I thought it was an interesting movie, do not go see this movie thinking it will be like Star Wars or Indiana Jones — it won’t be anywhere close. The plot is similar to Equilibrium they control peoples emotions with high in takes of drug and control and watch over everyone to make this “utopian” society where no one is happy really. I liked the movie, not sure if I will watch it again and the random CGI scenes and the extended car chase sequence are very oddly juxtaposed into the film. They helped a little realize Lucas’ futuristic vision he was unable to attain in like ‘71. Very odd and long boring movie, which somehow I liked. Stick to Star Wars, especially since the new one looks cool again.

Well I liked it, my Fiancée hated it, she picked Manchurian Candidate, so where even now I suppose.

College Basketball  

Posted on March 27th, 2005. About General.

I am sure around the world blogs have lit up after the Chapel Hill vs. Wisc. game. So I will keep it brief, I have never liked UNC-CH and attending a school that has the prefix UNC I am glad / hoping our school will soon drop it, and just be known as Charlotte, anyway, if you are a fan of basketball you probably saw some funny things going on in this basketball game.

First let me tell you how you interpret this game if you are a Chapel Hill fan, if your team wins, they are the greatest team in the world, handed down by God himself. You cannot win by bad calls, you can only win on sheer talent. That is in fact not even close to what happened, I think I would be ok if CH fans just admitted they won on a technicality, but that would mean that MAYBE they aren’t the greatest team in the world.

For all intensive purposes, I will just assume Wisconsin made it past this. This basketball tournament has been one of the greatest travesty in college basketball I have ever seen, Charlotte losing to State (another game that should have been won) Kansas losing to Bucknell (WHO in the freak is Bucknell, I swear there located in Southern Russia… those blasted commies). And the last team I remotely cared about Duke… that was one of the few games that was close and you could understand why they lost. So out of all the teams left from North Carolina (I realize Kansas Jayhawks are not located in NC but bear with me) I am sad to say that is all the represents NC, so I now hope Ill. will at least win against UNC.

That’s my one and only sports rant.

The Incredibles  

Posted on March 22nd, 2005. About Movies.

Another movie I purchased based soley on the recommendations of other people. It turned out that they were correct, the movie was really good. I was confused by the box recommendations “Like Indiana Jones, James Bond and X-men” until I watched the movie, and realized why they said that. It turns out to be a very fun movie to watch, with the voices behind the animated characters being top-notch. Craig T. Neslon and Holly Hunter being the two lead characters do it very well (Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl). Holly Hunter gets a little on the loud side, but in the end you like her.

Jason Lee is the bad guy, and also does it well. Without giving away the plot (A supervillian vs. superheros… opps) its a fun movie to watch and a really well done DVD. With Jack Jack Attack a small mini movie that wasn’t put into the main movie about the little baby getting super powers which is hillarous, outtakes, the hole nine yards (this time not with Bruce Willis). Oh and Samuel L. Jackson yells a lot as Frozone, so you have to like him (since he only does well yelling).

I suggest getting the DVD, but if you aren’t a fan of CGI american kind-of-childrens-comedy movies, maybe don’t. But it will be hard not to like this movie, though I am sure its possible (if you are a communist).

Things I love about the morning…  

Posted on March 22nd, 2005. About General.

There are plenty of things that I love about morning, one would be Finland’s explosive nose. One day we will invent some high powered nasal spray to solve Finland’s horrible disease. Somedays I wonder if he just has a Howitzer in the shower with him.

My second favorite thing about mornings would be Mars’ frantic runs to the bathroom. The mornings become even more fun if someone is using the bathroom at the same time in which Mars needs to use it. Then the yelling begins.

Lastly, my third favorite thing about morning would the dumptruck that parks right outside my window and launches SCUD missiles at Iraq. So all in all, the mornings around Smurf are more than fun, there like some Sitcom on a failing network — like UPN, or WB. But we’d be more high brow humor, or something like that.

In other news:

Seems a nice debate will be going on in the forums about Terry Schiavo case but we’ll see. My thoughts? Just as Bush said — hey if your going to make a mistake, at least let it be on the side of life. Granted if I was in a state like that with no recovery I’d like to kick the bucket, but what I want and what she wants might be totally different things. It seems America now a days is very interested in killing off people *cough* Pro-Death // Abortion *cough* Anyway I am sure that is another topic for another time when ever I feel like using my blog for political reasons, which could be awhile from now, but we’ll see


Wedding Fun  

Posted on March 21st, 2005. About Wedding.

So apparently weddings take quite a lot of planning for a 1 day - 3 hour event. More than you would expect, especially being the one who proposes you just assume that everything will work out rather painless. But I think that isn’t the case, at least with this wedding. After going to one church — the one we plan on joining — we find out they are to strict with there policy and to expensive (causes us to pay for a wedding planner/coordinator, facilities, etc. etc.) so also being in Charlotte poses a problem for the bulk of the quests who live somewhere around Statesville. So after numerous tries we get the church we want in Statesville. We also get a good day planned out when NO one is doing anything. So if we get the church, on that day and you have a problem somehow to bad. Your coming or you’re not coming, no more switching and changing once this day is set in stone.

So with that, things seem to be working OK.

Happy St. Patrick’s day  

Posted on March 17th, 2005. About General.

The ever popular day when Irish people make an excuse to drink MORE. Anyway, no green on this site, but you try pinching something with doesn’t really exist — except maybe on the electrical level. So :-p

Anyway I’ve been quite busy around here, updating the About page and adding the Writing’s page up at the top. So you can check those out since there isn’t much need of me trying to explain them when they are but a click away. I posted chapter 01 of a story I am working on, hopefully no body steals it ha.

Lets see, it is nearly friday - thank goodness, and World of Warcraft the one server we play on is down (I swear it is just that one RP server). So no WoW really tonight. In other news I had to purchase a tennis racquet for a class of mine, it is a pretty nice racquet. As nice as you can get for $20 bucks, and got some tennis balls too so maybe I will play outside of the class? We’ll see.

LugNutX’s house site is updated for all of the people that view both sites… which in all likelyhood is me and lugnutx. Oh well.

-That is all, goodnight.

So a lot has changed…  

Posted on March 16th, 2005. About General.

Yes, a lot has changed. I am on Wordpess v 1.5 instead of 1.2.2, which posed quite a lot of problems being that all the themes I needed to installed called for a [Presentation] button inside the admin section. Low and behold none existed until I found out the problem was I needed to upgrade. So salvaging my data base I overhauled to what you see here. Installed Mallow theme, a convert of the Kubrick theme I used to have, converted the comments / edit bar down the bottom and added a nice spiffy top banner for you all to enjoy.

I can also add in static pages which is proving to be fun, so look for maybe a rants section, poetry section or a writting section which ever I feel inclined to add in, I might even install this on if I can learn how to alter the themes better. The next step after fixing the theme up to my specifications will be altering this lame frame I have running to move you forward. I will find something in PHP if I can.

More posts up soon, movie collection has been beefed up:
Collateral, Donny Darko - Dir. Cut, Fifth Element - Ultimate Edition, Hero, Rounders

That doesn’t leave a lot that I still want, Harvey Birdman: Attourney at Law first seaons, then well maybe Rock - Criterion Collection and then my DVD fix will be ok, oh and The Incredibles that will top it off, or keep my addiction at bay I think.

–end (for now)


Posted on March 12th, 2005. About Movies.

Tom Cruise & Jamie Foxx, they are all you need to know. 90% of the movie stars them. A Michael Mann film that from the previews LOOKS like it’d be an action / thriller. It isn’t an action movie really, has gun fights, car wrecks what from a carefully cut trailer could make you think an action movie. It even has wolves. Yes wolves in LA.

The dialog in this movie between Cruise and Foxx is top notch, you really get engrossed in the interactions between the two of them. Mann does a lot of close up shots, but gets you to feel enclosed in the cab with the two of them as they ride down the road. He also likes to turn up the volume on the music to get your more tense in scenes that aren’t really tense. But nonetheless good ploy to keep you on the edge of your seat.

All in all I thought it was a really well done movie that keeps you entertained and engrossed in the characters till the very end. You even like Cruise’s villian character. So I bought this movie w/o seeing it, and I was interested to see it was nothing like my expectations — but I liked it, good purchase.

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