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Newer Dances, music as noted + video
1985 Bob Boesel
Come On And Dance Metelnick/Biggs
Dov'e L'amore
A S & S
Crazy Chris Adams
Funky Fresh
JP Potter video link
Green Snakes Yvonne Anderson
Going All The Way
Teresa/Vera video
Have Fun Go Mad Scott Blevins video by
CJ next teach w/Trish complete schedule
Heat On The Street
Maggie Gallagher next teach w/Evelyn complete schedule
I Love the DJ
Bracken Ellis

I'm Moving On Craig Bennett
Invitation To Party Michele Perron
Keep It Burning
Push It Geri Morrison next teach w/Trish complete schedule
Soluna R McGowan Hickie next teach w/Trish complete schedule
Stay Forever MIL to Hal Ketchum
Carl Sullivan
The Way
Gerard Murphy
JP Potter/Jeremy Oldham
Under Your Spell
Bracken Ellis UK version
We'll Meet Again
Gene Morrill
You'll Never Know Barry Amato

Archived Video Clips:

Eve Yeaton dancin' MIL's Guilty and Hot Temptation; Scott Blevins dancin' his Bidness and Cold Blooded; Eve and Scott dancin' Joey Warren's In The Zone; Guyton Mundy dancin' Natural Selection and How You Like It; Max Perry dancin' Texas (videos courtesy of
CJ and linked to which is a slower server ...patience please)
Guyton Mundy doin' a lesson on his What Dat Bout
The most downloaded video clip on my site: Line Dancing Dog w/owner

KEEP ON DANCIN' EVENT - June 24, 25 and 26, 2005
Doubletree Hotel:
2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA 95110
Book On Line: The 'group/convention' code is KOD for the rate of 85/night!!
Bob & Trish Boesel present: YVONNE ANDERSON ~ BRYAN McWHERTER
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Neil Hale first stepped onto the dance scene in the early 80's, teaching line dance on the Swiss Park Stage in Fremont, CA. He choreographed Cruisin'in 1989; The world-wide hit continues to be taught and danced in clubs around the world in 2005. Cruisin' earned him the title: 'God Father of line dance' but he followed with Mustang Sally, Linda Lu, Hot Tamales, Cha Cha Lengua and Ribbon of Highway. Neil's Storybook Endings, written in 1999, still finds its way onto request lists across the world. His DJ credits include 'the big' events in Reno & Vegas in the early 1990's. He has built a devoted fan base in the San Francisco Bay Area he and Linda call home. NEIL HALE will be the Event DJ for the Keep on Dancin' Event in San Jose, CA.

Neil Hale video: The Derringer Dancers: Cruisin' - Mustang Sally - Linda Lu - Hot Tamales - Cha Cha Lengua

A line dance time line ...the history of line dance
Line Dances of Exception Merit listed by year created. Terry Hogan's Line DANCES
S F Bay area line dance instructors listed by TEACH Cities
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