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Monday, February 14, 2005
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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Mislabeling feminism

While I accept wider definitions of "feminist" than many, the word should not apply to the Network of Enlightened Women (N.E.W). and their recent event ("Groups offer alternative feminist approaches," Feb. 11). The body of the article does present some criticism of the group's claims, but this does not make up for the fact that what is being called "equity" feminism does nothing to actually ensure grounds for equity remain, or even exist.

Feminists call attention to gross injustices, violence against women and inadequate responses to it being the present issue at hand; N.E.W. would rather sweep these injustices under the rug and believe that we should let things be.

One may quibble with certain tactics used in calling attention to violence, or feel that feminists doth protest too much (that is the logic behind the use of the word "equity," correct?), but ignoring the reality of violence against women is, in my estimation, far more damaging.

A more suitable approach than blatantly adversarial programming would be a genuine discussion about the reality of present conditions.

Luke Stacks



An inspired gift

Last week politics Prof. Larry J. Sabato pledged a $1 million gift to the Center for Politics to support its many outstanding programs and for the Center's expansion to the Birdwood Estate. Considering that Sabato has given so much to the University on an almost daily basis for thirty years as a student, alumnus, faculty member and energetic ambassador to the world at large, this significant gift is truly inspiring.

Equally inspiring is that he publicly called upon all who have been touched by their time at the University to show their support in similar ways. As a humble -- far humbler -- token of our commitment to the University and the ideals of its founder, and in honor of Sabato's lifetime of contributions, we, the members of the 21 Society, are pleased to heed his call and announce a small gift to the Center for Politics in the order of $1,221.21.

"Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government," said Mr. Jefferson in 1789, during a time when self-government was being tested on a grand scale. The Center for Politics strives for the goal of a well-informed public instilled with an enthusiasm for politics and good government and a sense of civic engagement and duty.

This is especially apparent in the Center's groundbreaking Youth Leadership Initiative. The YLI seeks to cut through today's polarizing cynicism in order to reach young people with the truth that our country is good and worth serving through representative politics, and that politics can be a good thing, a source of voice and positive change. We hope that our gift will help the hard workers at the Center to achieve their noble goals, and that many others will follow Sabato's fine example of contributing to the University.

The 21 Society