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Douglas Chaffee

Roleplaying Game Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
GURPS Traveller: Starships (2003) Steve Jackson Games Cover Artist
Rigger 3, Revised (Shadowrun) (2003) Fantasy Productions Interior Artist
Rigger 3 (Shadowrun) (2001) FASA Corporation Interior Artist
Dune: Chronicles of the Imperium (2000) Last Unicorn Games Interior Artist
Target: Matrix (Shadowrun) (2000) FASA Corporation Interior Artist
First Run (Shadowrun) (1999) FASA Corporation Interior Artist
GURPS Traveller: First In (1999) Steve Jackson Games Cover Artist
GURPS Traveller: Star Mercs (1999) Steve Jackson Games Cover Artist
MechWarrior, 3rd Ed. (1999) FASA Corporation Interior Artist
Shadowrun, 3rd Ed. (1998) FASA Corporation Interior Artist
Rolemaster Annual 1996 (1997) Iron Crown Enterprises Cover Artist
Castles & Ruins (Rolemaster) (1996) Iron Crown Enterprises Cover Artist
Birthright Campaign Setting (1995) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Blood Enemies: Abominations of Cerilia (Birthright) (1995) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Cleric's Challenge II (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1995) TSR, Inc. Cover Artist
Player's Option: Combat & Tactics (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1995) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Player's Option: Skills & Powers (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1995) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Complete Book of Humanoids, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1993) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Hordes of Dragonspear (Forgotten Realms) (1992) TSR, Inc. Cover Artist
Rigger Black Book (Shadowrun) (1991) FASA Corporation Interior Artist
Horde, The (Forgotten Realms) (1990) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Horde, The (Forgotten Realms) (1990) TSR, Inc. Cover Artist
AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide, 2nd Ed. (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1989) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
AD&D Player's Handbook, 2nd Ed. (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1989) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Complete Fighter's Handbook, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1989) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
City of the Gods (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1987) TSR, Inc. Cover Artist
Needle (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1987) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Dungeoneer's Survival Guide (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1986) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Other Game Credits:
Product Publisher Credit
Fifth Dawn (Magic: The Gathering) (2004) Wizards of the Coast Card Art
Handbook: House Steiner (BattleTech) (2004) Fantasy Productions Interior Artist
Technical Readout: 3057, Revised Ed. (BattleTech) (2004) Fantasy Productions Interior Artist
Field Manual: Updates (BattleTech) (2003) Fantasy Productions Cover Artist
Mirrodin (Magic: The Gathering) (2003) Wizards of the Coast Card Art
Magic: The Gathering, 7th Ed. (2001) Wizards of the Coast Card Art
Unglued (Magic: The Gathering) (1998) Wizards of the Coast Card Art
BattleTech (1996) Wizards of the Coast Card Art
Galactic Empires, Primary Edition (1994) Companion Games Cover Artist
Galactic Empires, Primary Edition (1994) Companion Games Card Art
Fiction Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
Test of Vengeance (MechWarrior) (2001) Roc Cover Artist
Measure of a Hero (MechWarrior) (2000) Roc Cover Artist
Falcon Rising (MechWarrior) (1999) Roc Cover Artist
Dragon's Ransom, The (Dungeons & Dragons (classic)) (1984) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist

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